Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Buffs the Sorcerer augment, Articulacy, to allow for faster spell casting.

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A quick, simple mod that allows you to buff the Rank 9 Sorcerer Augment, Articulacy, to one of 3 options.

By default, the augment reduces the time it takes to cast all spells (Mage, Sorcerer, Magick Archer, and Mystic Knight are all affected) by 10% (Not 15% as previously thought). Using the files here, you can increase that amount to 20%, 50%, or 90%.

The cast speed boost provided by carrying the Wyrmking's ring in one's inventory (This is ALSO only a 10% boost, not 15%) is not affected by this mod. The ring will still improve cast times on top of the buffed augment, however.

The 20% version, when used alongside the Wyrmking's ring, allows you to achieve the ~30% improvement to casting times that the wiki promises.

- The 50% version is a very noticeable increase, perhaps well suited to those who find casting in Dragon's Dogma to be tedious or boring.

- The 90% version is basically cheating. Not-quite-instant cast when combined with the ring -- High Bolide still takes about a second for its cast bar to fill up twice. Potentially dangerous; see below. Be warned, I've had reports that enemies may also come equipped with this augment, so this much cast speed could really make your life difficult when facing certain casters!

Warning: No testing was done with this beyond confirming that the cast speeds were being improved. Many spells in Dragon's Dogma are visually intense -- performance issues/crashes/pawn-or-game breakage may occur if you cast too many spells in a short period of time. Use at your discretion.

Download the .rar file the corresponds to the cast speed you would like to use -- 20, 50, or 90.

In your DDDA install directory, navigate to the nativePC/rom folder and backup your game_main.arc file. Extract the modded game_main.arc file to that location.

Remove/rename the modded game_main.arc file and restore your backup.

-Want to merge?-
Included a 'merge resource' download containing the modded .xml files for each of the 3 cast speeds. The XML file in question is PlAbilityParam
located in param\pl\other.