Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition

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Retranslation of the original japanese (names/locations/etc) for a more literal meaning, removal of censorship, clearer references to older Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) titles, etc.

Permissions and credits
This is a port of the original (OG) retranslation project. This mod is an attempt to un-"localize" many different aspects of the game, documenting and restoring some of the meaning lost from the original Japanese. 

(The Retro UI package previously included is now available as a separate mod instead)

Documentation on these changes can be found in the original articles:

-Monster Names
-Location Names
-Character Names
-Spell Names

*Note: Many names that were shortened in the OG version due to string length limitations are now fixed in this version. A number of small additional adjustments were also made.

NEW- Dialogue Changes (introduced in 0.2.2, separately under "Optional Downloads"):

-Cutscene Dialogue (0.2.2+)
-Full Dialogue (0.2.4+)

^Dialog documentation: tabs available at the bottom of the page from left to right:
1. Original Japanese (katakana/hiragana/kanji)
2. English (very rough translation <-- what's used in this mod)
3. Localization (game default)
4. Revised English (reserved for contributors that want to help clean up the translation)
5. Auto-translation (Google Translate- pretty much garbage, but left for comparison purposes)

Community Contributors: Those (current & former) helping to contribute to the Retranslation Project

Installation instructions

Copy the .pak file into <steamapps>\common\DRAGON QUEST XI S\Game\Content\Paks

(where <steamapps> is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\ depending on your installation )

Optional- Splash screen artwork: Copy the Splash.bmp from the "Splash" folder into  <steamapps>\common\DRAGON QUEST XI S\Game\Content\Splash