Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition
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Shiroho -- ported to Project Rebuild by mike9k1

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This is a direct port of Tamed Colors- Serena Default Set for the original (OG) version to Project Rebuild / Ultimate Edition. A retexture of Serena's default outfit.

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Note: This mod requires Project Rebuild

This is a direct port of the original (OG) Tamed Colors- Serena Default Set by Shiroho to Project Rebuild / Ultimate Edition.

- New outfit with balanced colors and cool patterns (yeay it's really "Tomoe mon" on her belt !). I wanted this to kinda match her little sister retexture i did in a "whitemage" way ofc, so with less black. No more of that damn green dress ! Also Jewelry color turned on red-ish. 

For the red hair and makeup -- see the hair and makeup mod. This mod does not include that (even though they are shown in the screenshots).

Installation instructions:
1. If you don't have it yet, install Project Rebuild

2. Next, unzip the archive and select the .pak for the desired option -- BlueDress, EyeColorDress, GreenDress, GreyDress, NormalDress, RedDress, or YellowDress

3. Copy the .pak file(s) into <steamapps>\common\DRAGON QUEST XI S\Game\Content\Paks

(where <steamapps> is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\ depending on your installation )

-Shiroho: Created the original mod
-Link4565: Undertook an immense amount of work in the creation of Project Rebuild. Making direct mod ports from the OG version now possible!