Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition
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black34 -- ported to Project Rebuild by mike9k1

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This is a direct port of Jade- Sweaty Sweetie for the original (OG) version to Project Rebuild / Ultimate Edition. Adds a subtle layer of sweat to Jade's skin.

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Note: This mod requires Project Rebuild

This is a direct port of the original (OG) Jade- Sweaty Sweetie by black34 to Project Rebuild / Ultimate Edition. 

This mod adds a subtle (yet sexy) layer of sweat to Jade's skin. I've also limited the sweat on her face to just a subtle glow to preserve most of her graceful feminine charm. That's right, Jade's skin pores only produce sweat in the sexiest spots!

Also, since only the specular maps are altered, this mod will be perfectly compatible with other skin mods that change her skin tone or add tattoos/scars/features, so long as those do not alter the specular maps as well (which very few of them do).

Installation instructions:
If you don't have it yet, install Project Rebuild

Next, copy this mod's .pak file into <steamapps>\common\DRAGON QUEST XI S\Game\Content\Paks

(where <steamapps> is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\ depending on your installation )

-black34: Created the original mod
-Link4565: Undertook an immense amount of work in the creation of Project Rebuild. Making direct mod ports from the OG version now possible!