Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition
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Greatly increases the number of rarefied monsters encountered throughout the game

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Received via formal mod request, this mod multiplies the normal encounter rate of Rarefied Monsters by a factor of 3x - 8x. Instead of a spawn rate of 1.56 % - 12%, it is increased to 14% - 36%. 

+ also increases metal slime encounter rates a bit ( v0.0.2 )


Copy the pak file into the game's Paks folder.


This mod is incompatible with anything that adds monsters (New Battles / Act 4) or changes monster stats (Extreme Difficulty).

But IS compatible with anything that changes monster drops (Easy Monster Drops / Monster Drops Gold and EXP) or monster overworld behavior (Better Monster AI)

If you're unsure whether a mod might be compatible or not, use the Mod Troubleshooting Tools, located here -- https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonquestxisdefinitiveedition/mods/180