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Replaces a mix of the party's costumes with matching ones, in royal blue, white, and gold. Requested by DragonKaede.

Permissions and credits
Ever consider making a mod that gives the whole party the same color scheme?"
Ask and you shall receive. Maybe. Within the span of a week or two... to 10 years. Depending on how unwell I feel at any given time.

So, pretty happy with this first modpack of mine. This was done for fellow nexus-errr DragonKaede, and I'm pretty happy with the results. I may update this pack for a few missing costumes (namely the Xenlon outfit, which is a pain in the bum to edit). For now, all of these are complete.

Thank you to AshuraSama, KomodoMods, and black34 for the assets used and troubleshooting. Without you, this mod would be half-done. Be sure to run over and endorse the Dundrasil Knight and Kirito Outfit Recolor mods if you like what I've done with them here.

Additionally, the Luminary's default does not edit the hood Erik gives him. You may want a mod like Taliehoe's Another Hero Recolor to make things look a little less jarring.

Edit: In retrospect, this whole thing was an enormous missed opportunity. I should have named this the DK Crew, interspersed with lines from the DK Rap. Oh well, you live and you learn. Royal Blue Crew rhymes at least.

This mod might not be for everyone, but let me know what you think!

Regarding Edits:
If you have any requests / changes you'd like me to make, you're free to ask for them. And if you want to add your own details or improvements, I give you permission to edit these files. If you feel like sharing what you've made, let me know and I'll add it to the download list crediting you with your username!

A few rules for any edits:
  1. Keep any R-18 or hateful edits to yourself.  Do whatever you want in private, but please do not upload screenshots containing these.
  2. Don't upload edited versions without my permission. If you feel your edits end up being sufficiently different, just ask and I'll let you know. If it isn't, but you still would like to share it, I'll add it as an alternate download on this page with your name credited. You will have to provide your own screenshots, though.
  3. If you want to edit someone else's edit of my textures, you need to ask their permission first. This one barely needs justification. It's only fair that if you  have to ask me to edit my textures, you have to ask other creators to edit theirs.  Not everyone will be willing to let you, and that's okay. Don't harass people when asking for permission.

To Install:
In order to get this mod to work, you'll need this mod here:
Kaldaien's Special K

Once installed, download my mod and unzip the contents into:
SteamApps\common\Dragon Quest XI\Game\Binaries\Win64\SK_Res\inject\textures

Now boot up the game and have fun!