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This mod enables Vegito and Gotenks in Free Roam Mode

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Greeting Kakarot Fans!
This mod enables Vegito and Gotenks in Free Roam Mode.
  • Both characters are fully combat capable.
  • They both have Base Forms and Transformations.
  • They've got all Passive Skills like the othercharacters, including Auto-Transformations.
  • Since they are individual characters, you canuse them together and doesn't bound the restrictions like the Time Limitation or Character Dependency.
  • Transformation powers has been raised (VegitoSS1: 150% dmg up, Gotenks SS1: 100% dmg up, Gotenks SS3: 150% dmg up).
  • Both characters can be leveled up to 300 (Alsoraises Future Gohan’s and Future Trunks’ level cap in DLC3)
  • You can Load them in DLC2 as well, so Horde andGolden Frieza Battles are available for both characters.
  • Gotenks' Die Die Missile Skill is not working inSupport Mode.
  • They can't use side side activites, because theydon't have animations and data assets for them.
  • Features like, fishing, eating, driving orsitting at campfire can cause crash of the game.
  • This mod is altering save files, so youmust backup your original save, otherwise you can’t load back without the mod after you made a save with it!!!
One more important thing:
This mod prevents using Kid Gohan and Teen Gohan at theEndgame. In order to workaround the issue you have to add a
"GohanVariant" Pak file to the enable them, included in this package.
Also, you must choose at least one "GohanVariant" (e.g. AdultGohan, even if he doesn’t have an outfit mod) to use Vegito and Gotenks,
otherwise the mod won't work!!!

Create a ~mods folder at DRAGON BALL ZKAKAROT/AT/Content/Paks/ and put your desired pak file into it.

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