Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

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Changes the transformation charge auras to accurately reflect the color of their aura.

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Special Thanks to ssjatys. Though they didn't directly work on this, their previous help, the material and particle information they've given me would've not made this possible.

Changes most of the transformations to have a matching charge aura to their transformations, it also changes the 'heat up aura' (the big aura). It's compatible with my and ssjatys' transformation mods. This does not change the red enemy auras it only changes player and support characters.

This does not have any mod requirements.

Installation: Drag and Drop file into your ~mods folder (AT/Content/Paks/~mods).

**This needs to be before any transformation mod in the load order in order to get the custom heat aura

The weird green light is a known issue.

Current transformations with changed charge auras (If not listed then it's not changed):

Goku Kaioken - Red

Goku Super Saiyan - Gold

Goku Super Saiyan 2 - Gold

Goku Super Saiyan 3 - Gold

Goku SSGSS Kaioken - Red

Teen Gohan Super Saiyan -- Gold

Teen Gohan Super Saiyan 2 -- Gold

Adult Gohan Super Saiyan - Gold

Adult Gohan Super Saiyan 2 - Gold

Adult Gohan Super Saiyan Full Power - Gold

Adult Gohan Ultimate Gohan - White

Vegeta Super Saiyan - Gold

Vegeta Super Vegeta - Gold

Vegeta Super Saiyan 2 - Gold

Piccolo True Namekian Fusion - White

Piccolo Potential Unleashed - Gold (Surge charge is yellow-green)

Piccolo Potential Unleashed 2 - Gold (Surge charge is yellow-green)

Trunks Super Saiyan - Gold

Trunks Super Trunks - Gold

Trunks Super Saiyan 2 - Gold

Trunks Super Saiyan Enraged - Gold (Surge charge is gold with blue inner)

Trunks Super Saiyan Rage - Gold (Surge charge is gold with blue inner)

Kid Trunks Super Saiyan - Gold

Goten Super Saiyan - Gold

Gotenks Super Saiyan - Gold

Gotenks Super Saiyan 3 - Gold

Vegito Super Saiyan - Gold

Vegito Super Saiyan God - Red

Future Gohan Super Saiyan - Gold


Version 1.14:
  • Fixes DLC 3 Trunks' charges

Version 1.13:
  • Adds an optional file that changes the base form charge color to white instead of blue (may cause issues for Goku, Vegeta, and Vegito) you'll still need to install ACA

Version 1.12:
  • Adds Trunks DLC charges for certain story parts (some may be missed)
Version 1.11:
  • Fixed SSGSS Evolved having incorrect Surge animation

Version 1.1:
  • Added Teen Gohan Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 (not bugged this time)


Version 1.05:
  • Added SSGSS Evolved compatibility (also fixed the 1.1 Surge charge auras)
  • Fixed Goku SSJ3 Surge charge aura

Version 1.1 (Removed due to bugs)

Version 1.01:
  • Fixed Piccolo and Trunks' base form heat charge not having the proper auras