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Adds Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kaioken as a standalone transformation and a Goku End of Z outfit.

Permissions and credits
Special Thanks to ssjatys. Though they didn't directly work on this, the help and support they've given me would've not made this possible for me to do.


The game has a limit on how many transformations are allowed on a single character, around 9 or 10, if you go to that limit your game will crash. So if your game crashes that is just the game I can't do anything about it. This mod highlights this issue so you'll crash a few times when equipping so just keep trying. I did try to add a UI -Sign- in but it doesn't work currently. Thanks to ssjatys for letting me know about this.

Required Mod: The most recent version of Goku Must Die Difficulty (any variation) or else you'll crash; you don't need to play on GMD


Goku's skills are in the skill tree, they are not given out.

There should be language support; but the skills aren't translated.


Adds a new standalone transformation to Goku. SSGSS Kaioken increases damage dealt by 300% and extends Surge time by 50%, you'll lose both Ki and HP. 

Tip: you can negate the health drain on SSGSS Kaioken Lv3 by using Self-Medication Lv3

Adds an optional outfit that resembles the Goku at the end of Dragon Ball. Replaces base game endgame, DLC1, and DLC2 outfits.

Known issue(s): some animations have glitchy faces. Goku End of Z breaks outfits during time machine.


Installation: Drag and drop the SSGSS Kaioken file, either DoubsOutlinesAuras, and the Goku Must Die mod into your ~mods folder

Recommended load order (bottom is top priority and vise versa):
zSSGSS Kaioken.pak

Version 1.42:  You'll need to update GMD at least to 1.5
  • Added an additional model to the 'Gohan Goku Gi Patch' that should fix certain cutscenes

Version 1.41:  You'll need to update GMD at least to 1.5
  • Added a pak that fixes Gohan's textures if you're using the Goku Gi (If you don't use it don't add it)

Version 1.4:  You'll need to update GMD at least to 1.5
  • Adjusted Surge's starting combo to allow easier connections
  • Added Goku End of Z outfit

Version 1.3:  You'll need to update GMD at least to 1.5
  • Added new aura
  • Adjusted Surge animation effects

Version 1.2.2: You do not need to update GMD
  • Fixed incorrect character icon

Version 1.2.1: You do not need to update GMD
  • Adjusted aura

Version 1.2: You need to update GMD (1.4 or above)
  • Adjusted final Surge attack

Version 1.1.2: You do not need to update GMD
  • Added a new audio cue


Version 1.1.1: You do not need to update GMD
  • Reduced damage of final Surge attack
  • Changed the final Surge attack effects slightly

Version 1.1: You do not need to update GMD
  • Changed the Surge animation end aura
  • Changed the Surge combo, please don't spoil it (damage might be ludicrous)


Version 1.0.1:
  • Fixed the Spirit Bombs not disabling the transformation causing weird faces (you do not need to reinstall GMD)