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Adds 2 Super Saiyan Rage transformations, a new combo level, Godly Pulse, and some more additions to Trunks.

Permissions and credits
Special Thanks to ssjatys for the Parameter, DataAssets, Blueprints, and Art/SSJR no pupil files. The help and support they've given me would've not made this possible for me to do. Please thank them for this mod as well.

Required Mod: The most recent version of Goku Must Die Difficulty (any variation) or else you'll crash; you don't need to play on GMD


These skills show up in Trunks' skill tree. They're not given out.

There should be language support; but the skills aren't translated.


This mod adds 2 new standalone transformations to Trunks. Super Saiyan Enrage which has the same power as SSJG;Super Saiyan Rage has the same power as SSGSS. Both have the unique passive that grants them an additional 20% damage dealt when Surge is active. You'll need ssjatys Future Warriors pack in order for it to show up in DLC3.

Godly Pulse is added to Trunks. You'll need DLC2 (Power Awakens 2) in order for it to show up.

Combo level 4 has been added to Trunks. The combo is a fusion between Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta's combos. It also changes the A/X button finisher.

Added Super Trunks to Trunks' skill tree, if you have already unlocked it then it'll stay unlocked. Requires Super Trunks pak by ssjatys for Auto Super Trunks.


Installation: Drag and drop the head variants for both SSJ Enraged and SSJ Rage, Super Saiyan Rage variant, DoubsOutlinesAuras variant, and the Goku Must Die mod into the ~mods folder

Recommended load order (bottom is top priority and vise versa):
zHope Trunks Super Saiyan Rage.pak

Version 1.21:  You not not need to update GMD if you have 1.5
  • Fixed 'Trunks Super Saiyan Rage' pak having incorrect final Surge attack aura 


Version 1.2:  You'll need to update GMD at least to 1.5
  • Added new aura
  • Fixed SSJ Rage Trunks having SSGSS Aura during final Surge attack even when using SSJ2 aura
  • Fixed Super Trunks' Surge attack


Version 1.1:
  • Added a new transformation called 'Super Saiyan Enraged' this acts as SSJ Rage God Power which was removed in the prior update. You'll need to install one of the Enraged Hair files in order for the mod to function
  • Added Auto-Transformations
  • Fixed the character portraits by making Enraged No pupil portrait and making Rage the pupil portrait

Version 1.02:
  • Fixed Trunks' support attacks not working properly if you upgrade to Combo Level 4
  • Migrated Skill Parameters to Goku Must Die for organization reasons
  • Removed No Orb Cost and SSJG Power due to complications with new Goku Must Die change unknown if they'll be added back
  • Added a new outline and aura and changed SSGSS Kaioken's outline and colors in DoubsOutlinesAuras.pak and DoubsNoOutlinesAuras.pak

Version 1.01:
  • Added SSGSS Aura option