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A face texture edit to make Cassandra a bit more reminiscent of her DA2 self.

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Changes: This edit makes Cassandra's face slightly darker and with more olive undertones, as well as adding slightly heavier eyeshadow and a slight blush, and changing her lip tint to something a bit less pink. In addition I've made her lips a bit less shiny, since I'm still slightly confused by the abundance of lip gloss in Thedas and how everyone has the time to constantly reapply it. These affect hf_hed_cass_d and hf_hed_cass_s respectively, and so will conflict with anything else that edits them.

(While Cassandra is wearing dark lipstick in DA2, it just looked weird when I tried to add it here. As such, let us assume that she only applies it on special occasions, such as interrogating/threatening bodily harm to mouthy dwarfs.)

Installation: Install with the DA:I Mod Manager, using the most up to date version available (requires at least v0.47). Files should appear in the Mod Manager under da2cass.daimod.

PLEASE NOTE: This mod affects facial textures only, and I have not yet found a way to alter the base body. This means that the rest of Cassandra's skin will be lighter than her head. As far as I am aware this should only affect her romance scene (Cassandra being very much covered from the neck down the rest of the game), but obviously if this is a deal-breaker you should pass on this mod. Updated version now includes altered skin tone for the rest of her! Because I am (at the moment, at least) limited to the base skin colours found in the CC, I have slightly altered the facial texture to match this - it now has slightly more yellow undertones. Images have been included to compare between the two, but as far as I can tell the differences are pretty slight.

Additionally, while I've tried to include shots of Cassandra in different places, the lighting in this game varies so much that characters can look significantly different depending on the location. I've aimed to keep Cassandra as close to her DA2 self in 'average' light, so in some locations she will look lighter and others darker, depending on the intensity and the colour of the lighting.