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Adds tier 4 schematics for various weapons. Now with optional class unrestricted version.

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Rare Weapons

Requires Trespasser DLC to work. 

There are quite a few attractive weapons in the game that lack schematics, are hard to obtain, or when you do obtain them, their level is too low to be of any use. Stormbreak is a classic example. You need the Short List perk to be able to buy it, and it's only level 8.

What I'm attempting to do with this mod is take some tier 1 schematics and re-purpose them to allow some of these other weapons to be crafted. I've tried to make them high tier 4 yet hopefully not overpowered.

But please bear in mind that this mod is intended for Inquisition veterans on their Nth playthrough who've been there, done that and are thoroughly sick of farming for schematics.  Likely you'll already have most of the best ones available through the Golden Nug at the beginning of the game in Haven anyway.  Want to craft these weapons at level 2 and still have a challenge?  Turn the difficulty up to nightmare or try my Pandemonium Difficulty Setting mod.

This is the current list. All schematics allow masterwork crafting in addition to the special abilities they already possess:

  • Stormbreak - Can only take runes, so I've given it a high base damage.  Uses the tier 1 Apostate Staff schematic. Now has the "permashock" ability. Seawreck has some nice recolours of the staff here that work with this mod.
  • Deathward - Metal offense and can take upgrades.  Uses the tier 1 Keeper Staff schematic. Now has the "heal 1% of maximum health on hit" ability.
  • Yavanalis - Hawke's Key model from DA2. Rune only. Uses the tier 1 apprentice staff schematic. Also has the permafrost ability.
  • Tyrdda's Staff - Rune only. Has the permaflame passive ability. Unlike the other, this one uses a tier 2 schematic - the disciple staff.
  • Single Incarnation - Can only take runes.  Uses the tier 1 double-bearded axe schematic. Has the unique leaping attack ability.
  • Certainty - Meredith/Samson's sword. Rune only. Uses the tier 1 fereldan greatsword schematic. Chance for shield bash.
  • Refined Greatword - Closest sword I could find to the Inquisitor's cut-scene model that is usable in game. Also has the "rampage" ability (extra damage on kill). Uses the tier 1 maul schematic.
  • Starfang - A Multiplayer only weapon I think.  This one uses the tier 1 Templar Greatsword schematic. Now has the chance for unbowed.
  • Evanura - Couldn't resist this one since I play so many Dalish inquisitors. Can only take runes.  Uses the tier 1 wide blade sword schematic. Has the chance for "defensive buff" ability.
  • Inquisition Longsword - Cassandra's starting weapon. Can only take runes.  Uses the tier 1 mace schematic. Also has the "blessed blades" ability.
  • Pirate Captain's Cutlass - Seeing so many people using Isabela's Admiral Coat probably inspired this one. Can take full longsword upgrades.  Uses the tier 1 axe schematic. Also has the chance to taunt enemies ability.
  • Serrated Qunari Blade - Rune only, uses the tier 1 arming sword schematic. Heal 25% of damage taken.
  • Inquisition Shield - Cassandra's starting shield. Uses the tier 1 round shield schematic. Also has the horn of valor ability.
  • March of the Everlasting - Uses the tier 1 round shield schematic. Also has the 10% extra damage for each enemey within 8 metres ability.
  • Grey Warden Sentry Shield - Heal 20% of damage taken. Uses the tier 1 kite shield schematic.
  • Agony - Can only take runes.  Uses the tier 1 Curved Dagger schematic. Now has more crafting slots and +50 stamina on kill ability.
  • Armada Captain's Knife - This already had a tier 2 schematic so I upgraded it to tier 4 and added it to the shop. Can take dual blade upgrade.
  • Blade of Tuhna Allied - One of Dagna's weapons. Rune upgrades only. Uses the tier 1 balanced dagger schematic. 75% faster movement speed in stealth.
  • Bleeder of Souls - DW Rogue Hawke's Key model from DA2. Rune only. Uses the tier 1 rugged dagger schematic. Also has the 30% damage bonus if not being hit ability.
  • Balanced Sniper Bow - Uses the tier 1 recurved longbow schematic. Has the piercing arrows ability.
  • Longbow of the Griffon - Can only take runes.  Uses the tier 1 Hunting Bow schematic. Has the unique triple shot effect.
  • Balanced Raider Longbow - Uses the tier 1 rugged longbow schematic. Explosive arrows ability.

I've provided a separate daimod which adds the schematics to Seggrit's shop in Haven and to the equivalent shop in Skyhold.  (I think you need to save Seggrit in Haven for that shop to appear - it's the one that still sells Inquisition armour). If you do not save Seggrit, all but 1 of the schematics will drop randomly in Tier 1 chests or can be bought from the Dwarven bookseller in Redcliffe.  I ran out of space so you may notice a few extra things in the shop. That's because it's actually a copy of the Hissing Wastes shop. Just buy the weapon schematics and uninstall the shop mod it if you don't like it.  Don't uninstall the weapon mod.


  • If your inquisitor already owns one of the tier 1 schematics I've reused, it will display the old name (e.g. apostate staff) in the crafting menu.  The name is baked into your save file.  It won't affect the crafted weapon in any other way.
  • After you've bought the schematics, it's safe to remove the shop mod (TMMRareWeaponsShop) if you want to install a different store mod.
  • If you remove the schematics mod (TMMRareWeaponsMage/warrior/rogue), the schematics will revert to their tier 1 versions, your crafted weapons will look like their tier 1 versions too.  But the ones you've already made will at least retain their stats.
  • I'll release new versions as I add more weapons but you'll be able to upgrade seamlessly without it affecting any weapons you've already crafted using this mod.
  • The game will still recognise the schematics as tier 1 and as such they will not sync with the nug. The exception is Tyrdda's staff which will, but as far as the nug is concerned, it's still the tier 2 disciple staff so it doesn't matter.
  • The schematics are still in the tier 1 loot tables so may drop as random loot if you choose not to buy them.
  • If you've installed the Stormbreak and Deathward mod from my Odds and Ends, you can remove it and install this one instead.  It won't affect any weapons you may already have crafted.  Do not install both.

As with all modded games, keep regular save files in case there are any problems.


The Masterwork Enchanter Staff from Jaws of Hakkon DLC for some unknown reason does not have its own equipitem template like every other staff schematic. It simply reuses the Tier 1 apprentice staff one. That means that any staff made with this schematic will use the same model (ie. Yavanalis/ Hawke's key) and have the permafrost passive. There is nothing I can do about this.

No Class Restrictions

  • Use instead of the main version if you want all the class restrictions on the schematics removed. It can also be used with the shop mod if you wish to buy the schematics from the Haven and Skyhold stores.
  • All weapons except bows (their animations only work on rogues) have been unlocked. Not all combinations will work well so it's going to be a matter of trial and error. Some talents will not work with some weapons. e.g you can't use 2h abilities with a staff.
  • Mages will likely benefit most from this mod as their abilities can be used with most weapons.
  • The mod can be used with No Class Restrictions on Weapons by tidius560 and Mx-T, just make sure my mod is lower in your merge list in Mod Manager and it will override the records it needs to. You should then have all weapons in the game unlocked.
  • The other caveats of the No Class Restrictions mod also apply. Dual wielding anything other than two daggers will result in a nasty graphical glitch.

The only other mod visible in the images is the fantastic Wild Hair by cos76.


Download DAI Mod Manager here.

Installation instructions are here.

Join the DAI Modding Discord if you need further help: https://discord.gg/wzJG7Mq


Please read these troubleshooting tips at DAI Modder Central before posting in the comments section if you have a problem.


The No Class version of this mod can be used with No Class Restrictions on Weapons but Rare Weapons must be below all that mod's files in the merge order so that it will override the files it needs to. You will get warnings, but both mods should work as expected provided you follow these instructions.

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Thanks to the developers at DAITools for making great modding tools.

Thanks to tklivory for the great resource that is DAI Modder Central.

Thanks to Mx-T for suggestions and help with testing the no class restrictions version of the mod.

Modders Notes

Fancy making your own weapon schematics? I've uploaded a tutorial which I hope anyone with a reasonable level of experience should be able to follow. I'm just going to repeat what I've put at the bottom of it. I’m happy for anyone to make use of the pdf file for their own modding endeavours. Maybe you’ll follow the guide or you'll work it all out for yourself and make a weapon schematic mod. Then you'll want to upload it to DAITools or the Nexus. That’s fine by me. But why not talk to me so we can avoid duplicates or even try to make our mods compatible. Or maybe you think you've made a better schematic for the same weapon as I have and want to upload that. That’s fine by me too. We’re all just trying to have fun making mods for a great game, I hope.