About this mod

This is a ReShade preset for DAI with a realistic color balance. Plus a lot of others, at this point, including some more "artistic" presets.

Permissions and credits
This is a ReShade preset I made for shooting the game that I have had in the descriptions of my shots on Flickr, but because I update it and sometimes take shots down, I thought it would be better to have a more reliable place to host it, since I think quite a few people are using it. It's got a realistic color balance and bright highlights. It also has raised shadows because the game has a major issue with crushed blacks, and is somewhat low contrast and low saturation. Looks good everywhere (except Redcliffe Castle, for which there is an optional download), though I would say it isn't equally "realistic" everywhere. See images below (note that most have also been altered in some way with the DAI Cinematic Tools by HattiWatti, but not so much that they are not representative of the preset).

Update 5/16/16: All presets save Pastel Dreams updated to 2.0 version of the Framework. Pastel Dreams will no longer be updated since I don't care much for it. I have also made the long-awaited bleak config, detailed more below.

Update 5/20/16: I managed to make a pastel config that is more like the original one that I made for the Hinterlands. It's called "Springtime for Corypheus," which is a Producer's reference, for those of you who like that musical. Details and shots below. Support for the others will be discontinued and they will go in the "old versions" category from now on.

The optional Redcliffe Castle preset:

Update 10/16/15: Added the new cinematic preset. Still a realistic color balance, but more contrast and greater detail. Looks especially good with skin:


Update 12/9/15: I have made a new config, that is more in the fantasy arena. It is more saturated and more sort of "magical" looking. Here are some sample shots:



This is the "Opulent" config, which has very rich reddish tones:


Update 5/16/16: I have finally made the bleak config. Here are some sample shots:


And here I have finally been able to make a pastel config that works everywhere, though you might want sunglasses for it, which are not included with your download. It is called "Springtime for Corypheus."

(Please don't ask me why Cassandra has a staff--it's a long story.)


Update 9/10/2016: I have been tinkering around starting from scratch, working on an even more realistic ReShade, but was then having a bit of fun with the color mood and cross process shaders and came up with "Instagram ReShade" because it kind of looks like an Instagram filter (in a good way). Pictures below:


Update 9/17/16: I revamped the Wintersbreath preset so that the interiors are fine. It's less extreme, but hopefully still what was requested.


Update 9/21/16: I made something I don't care for that much that I'm calling Antique ReShade. It looks a bit sepia-ish but more sophisticated. I know some people like that sort of thing so I'm uploading it here.


Update 2/9/2017: I ported two presets from my TW3 ReShades to DAI. They should satiate the desire for anyone to have a darker preset since I have a tendency to blow out highlights. The first one was originally a tribute to a fellow screenshotter on Flickr who shoots mostly TW3 at the moment (I tried to replicate his settings) but it required so much tweaking in the making it has become sort of a separate preset. I'm calling it the "Somber" preset:


The next one is the "Dutch School" preset because the palette looks a bit like what the painters of the Dutch School of painting used. It looks less so in DAI than in TW3, but I'm keeping the name because I'm stubborn. For this I used a LUT provided by MUPPETA:


Update 3/13/18: I ported another one of my TW3 ReShades (not posted yet), called the Sylvan preset. It is quite muted, and a bit like the Dutch School, but more sophisticated, I think. It contains a LUT I made myself in PS.

3/30/18: Another new preset, called the Threadbare preset. It's kind of hard to describe, so I think pictures will have to do.

Installation: just drag and drop the contents of the folder contained in the zip file into the folder that contains the DragonAgeInquisition.exe. That's it. If it's working, you'll get a message on screen. Also the game will look different, obviously. The dxgi.dll must be in the same directory as the exe.


Q. What is the performance cost?
A. It depends on the preset. Some of them are more costly than others.

Q. Why don't my screenshots look like yours?
A. This is one of the most serious hobbies I've ever had--a lot of work went into every screenshot on my Flickr stream, including these. Work hard and yours might look like these, too.

Q. I would like a different look. Do you take requests?
A. Yep, taking requests again. I like to mess around with this stuff. 

Q. Does this have depth of field enabled?
A. Yes, and that is why your menu is blurry. Press End to toggle it on and off as you see fit.

Q. What version of ReShade does it use?
A. This uses 2.0 of the Framework. 

Last words: None of this would have been possible without the geniuses over at ReShade.me, and Crosire, who created ReShade. They're doing incredible things over there.

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