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Unique complexions for your Inquisitor!

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This mod will be a collection of complexions I've made for the Inquisitor. From battle hardened complexions to simple complexions with moles. One important thing to know is that this is a work in progress! I will add new complexions over time, as long as I have the time and motivation to make them! See the 'contents' tab for more information about each complexion. 


Burned Face
• Replaces complexion 3 and variations
• Female and male versions
• Human, elf and dwarf 
• Choose between normal or high resolution
For this one I recommend not using any make-up except eyeliner, since it will be visible on the burned area.
Unless it doesn't bother you ofcourse, then go ahead and use make-up! :)

Mod Manager version 0.59 
Patch 10

Install the file with the Mod Manager as you would do with any other mod.
 Click here for a wonderful tutorial on how to use and install mods.

Deselect the file in the Mod Manager or delete the .daimod file from wherever you save your mods!

This mod doesn't show up in the Black Emporium and conflicts with any other complexion mod.

Bioware for creating their fantastic game
Papercrow for her amazing texture tutorial
All the wonderful people that worked on the DAI Modding Tool and DAI Mod Manager
Ehamloptiran, Dan, Dawnless Sky, Zhentar, Warranty Voider, Sirmabus,
DarthGizka/wogoodes, ricco19, DarthParametric, Adela, Silvist
and everyone else at the DAI Tools Forum!

Contact or questions
Feel free to contact me if you're having problems, questions, tips or anything else! Check out my tumblr for mods and more! 

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