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Tier 3 and 4 crafting supplies at the Crossroads merchant. Two versions: base game and "everything" which requires JoH and Trespasser.

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Crossroads Crafting Supply

***Warning:  You will most likely get a CTD on approaching the crossroads if you try to use anything other than the 'base' version of this mod without Trespasser and Jaws of Hakkon Installed.  They are required.***

This mod is designed to complement both Redcliffe Crafting Supply which adds base game crafting materials to a shop in Redcliffe and Redcliffe Supply DLC Edition. They can all be installed and used together provided you install only one version of each.

I've added all the Tier 3 and 4 crafting materials from the base game along with the pure essences and a supply of runestones to the inventory of the Crossroads merchant in the Hinterlands. For the DLC version I've added all the sigils from Trespasser and the crafting materials added by Jaws of Hakkon. The base game version does NOT require any DLC.

There are technically FOUR versions of this mod: two that require both JoH and Trespasser, and two for the base game only so make sure you download the one you want based on the price you want to pay for the merchant's stock. You can only merge ONE file, but if you change your mind, you can quit the game and merge one of the other three. They overwrite each other. The "Everything" version now includes all of the stuff that base game store sells, so if you own JoH and Trespasser, use the "Everything" version.

n.b. Some of the store information gets baked into your save file, such as the quantities remaining, etc. So if you merge a new store mod in the middle of a playthrough it can cause items in the store to disappear or the amounts to change.

  1. Discount prices - A modest discount from vanilla. The merchant will buy from you at 25% of the value (vanilla 15%) and charges you 25% of the usual price for his stock.
  2. Zero/cheat prices - The merchant will give you 250% for everything you sell and charge nothing for his items.  This does not apply to buyback and sellback so exit the sale and re-enter to take advantage of it. Note: It's very easy to overload the game engine by getting too much gold using this system. Use some common sense.

If you wish to use this mod as a convenience, rather than as a cheat, then I suggest using the discount version and only after reaching Skyhold. You can also follow the Black Emporium levelling rules by not using Tier 3 crafting before level 12 or Tier 4 before level 16.

Important notes:

  • Instead of an infinite number of each item, the merchant now stocks 5000. This allows you to buy more than one of each item at a time and helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (probably!). If you buy all of it at once, you will completely clog your inventory which has to display it in 99 chunks. Don't do it and then come bleating to me in the comments.
  • If you buy all of the vendors stock and sell it to him to make gold, it will not reappear in his stock and will be gone forever when you return. Be sensible and your buying fingers will be grateful for the change.
  • The DLC version not work without the required DLC.
  • This mod will conflict with any other mod which alters the stock of the crossroads merchant.  (But there is nothing to stop you merging this mod, buying what you want and then merging a different one.)
  • Due to the way mods work, it seems that I cannot add back in the stuff that was present in the shop originally (or it only appears sporadically). I have tried many ways to get Elfroot to reappear, but it refuses to work. The only sure way is to uninstall the mod, buy what you need and reinstall it.
  • Some of the sigils are obtained as special rewards.  e.g sigil of the golem.  I haven't tested if selling them affects the relevant quests so use at your own risk.


Go here for installation instructions and links to download Mod Manager.

Join the DAI Modding Discord if you need further help: https://discord.gg/wzJG7Mq


Please read these troubleshooting tips at DAI Modder Central before posting in the comments section if you have a problem.

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Thanks to the developers at DAITools for making great modding tools.

Thanks to tklivory for the great resource that is DAI Modder Central.