Dragon Age: Inquisition
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New Sera's appearance, includes new hair mesh, face texture and some staff about her new eye color) hope you like it)

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UPDATED!! 11/8/15 I tried remaking it with other ModMaker version, hope it helps to avoid glitches!

(I'm so sorry, I couldn't do it earlier, though I promised to do so. Really sorry >__<)

So hey guys) It's been 3 weekends since I started studying how to make mods and how to use 3ds max. This is the result with which I'm happy)
I love Sera, she's cute and funny, but when you play through game for the 4th time, you wanna change smth. I started with Sera, 'cause it's a real challenge!
daimods are made with latest ModMaker
There are mods, which I also used, made by awesome people who inspired me with their works. Here they are:

- body skin tint (---I'm giving here a direct download,cause the blog seems to be currently unavailble,unfortunately -- by josephinemontilyet),
- Vivid eyes Vivid Eyes Variation Daimod (by Wendera),
- Companion color configurator configurator(by Toloc) (my values for Sera's eyes are on one of the screenshots here)

Thank you wonderful people, who gave me the opportunity to mod DAI by making ModMaker and ModMAnager, I adore you ^___^