Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Retexture of Solas' head and face. Darker look.

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This mod has been fully converted to FROST!

NOTE: This is my first mod ever, so please go easy on me. I appreciate all feedback, and please let me know if you run into any trouble. 

Version 1.2 update: 
Smoother skin. More defined features creating deeper shadows in the face (especially cheekbones and forhead). No scar in forhead and no cleft chin. Less noticable beard. Hair reworked and fixed (neckhair added and more realistic hairline). "Dirt" removed. 

This is a retexture of Solas' head and face. I grew tired of his boring pale face and wanted to give him a darker, more worn, look. I tried to make his face similar to the concept art of the game (more defined cheekbones etc.). I've given him deeper shadows in the face, thicker eyebrows, slightly redder ears, recoloured lips, more stubble, a little bit of dark hair and pale scars.

You might see a pale line going down the middle of his head (where the texture folds together), but I hope it's not very noticeable.
Hopefully I'll get around to fixing any issues as I develop as a modder. 

Add to the game using DAI Mod Manager. 

Mods used in some of the images:
Vivid Eyes, by Wendera.

Hope you like my mod. Enjoy!
~ CaffeinePainter ~