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Something I created to learn modding. I decided to add all female face skin complexions here.

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I decided to add female skin textures here. Pick only one at a time as they use the same slider (1). I will be adding to this as I go along most textures will work for elf, human, and dwarf females.  2 versions with deshine and without for dlc considerations. Qunari female textures added. I added two versions of the qunari one with spec changes and one without the spec file controls the shininess of skin but we have found that sometimes changing this file can cause crashing when going thru eluvians and such. So i'm offering both files depending on your preferences. I've not tested to see if the spec file causes this we are just aware that it can cause it. In the file with the daimods for the QF face I also added comparisions of all sliders so you can see which sliders the mod affects and how it affects the shininess.

I understand sometimes things happen with mods. If you think my mod is causing an issue. Please do the following:

1. Test your mods one by one to ensure it is my mod causing the issue. Nothing is more frustrating then trying to troubleshoot when you don't know what other  mods people are running. Yea i know it takes time but I have had to do the same to find a culprit mod.

2. Let me know which complexion you are using as this will lesson the time it takes me to find the right file that needs to be checked.

3. I just wanted to throw a thanks out ahead of time for people taking these extra steps. I know its a pain. However, as I do this in my spare time, if there is an issue I would like to be able to resolve it as speedily as possible so we can go back to having beautiful Izzy's and enjoy the game.

Permissions for use:

Personal use: 

I have no problem with anyone using or modifiying my assets for private use. Do not share them publically.

Public Release: 

You may utlilize my assets for public release under the following conditions:

1. You must ask permission to use said assets.

2. Once permission is given you must give proper credit by linking directly to the original project the assets were used from.

3. You will not monetize anything created with my assets. This does include donation sites. Don't profit off my work.

4. Your project will adhere to these conditions upon release to protect my assets.

11/5/2015 update: I added a  new  natural complexion to go with my elf jammies listed here: http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/1028

11/5/2015: update: added shine and deshine version to complexions dey's face freckled, and dey's face 3 moles

noticed an issue when using the jammies mod and natural complexions in the cc....this probably happens with default too. The face looks much lighter do not let this scare you in game will be fine. See  photos below.

other mods shown:

Invisible starting armor by GrimmPrince 

SK Hair Re-texture Realistic hair by skara888 / Skaramoosh

Improved Lashes by xstephyg (has 5 different styles I chose longest fullest lashes)

Settrah brows by settrah (alternate version)

Wavy Locks by koric 

ELEs Female Elf Jammy Retexture by ellementalist

​Inquisition Vallaslin Changes by MaryseDynasty (origins port)

Sapph’s speckled eyes by Sapph

added eyeliner complexion mod

The pictures for this mod were graciously shared by Cyran9. I have no idea what other mods she used.