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Allows Male Inquisitor to romance Sera
+ Bi Cullen Mod for any race and gender

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aka Straight Sera Mod + Bi Cullen Mod

Sera Romance for Male Inquisitor 2.0

This mod simply allows male inquisitor to romance Sera.

Requires at least patch 10.

Install with the latest DAI Mod Manager 

How to install mods : 
DAI Mod Manager Tutorial 
(Don't forget to make a new folder for your mods. Don't put them inside ModManager or game folder)

1) Install "Straight Sera Mod.daimod" and use it until you get the option "I'm interested in you." and Sera replies with "Right. You come with me.".
2) At this point, remove "Straight Sera Mod.daimod" and install "Straight Sera Mod Romance Active.daimod".
You have to do this workaround, because there's an issue of the initial romance scene doesn't trigger. This "Romance Active" mod will skip the scene and move you into the relationship.

***Thanks to jorrob96 who found the file that prevent the romance starting scene from triggering. Now we don't need the workaround anymore. 

  • This mod must be installed before you talk to Sera for the first time (after you recruited her).
  • Do not talk to Sera without this mod or you'll be rejected.
  • Most of male inquisitor’s romance lines are unvoiced.
  • You can’t romance Sera with a female character while this mod is installed (Due to how the coding works in the Frostbite engine and to completely allow the opposite intended gender to romance Sera with all dialogue options available).
  • This mod has been tested on a whole playthrough with Patch 9 and DAI Mod Manager v0.57 Alpha. 

How do I know the mod is working?

When you flirt with her at Haven, she replies with;
Dwarf: Oh, you're adorable. Yes, you are.
Qunari: (Nervous laugh.) Woof.
Elf: Kinda. Suppose. Maybe.
Human: "Lady" Trevelyan is cheeky.

Upon reaching Skyhold;
Dwarf: You're just so smooshy, little Herald.
Qunari: (Nervous laugh.) Sometimes you do know, Lady Herald.
Elf: I suppose, yeah? That could be, Lady Herald.
Human: Oh, listen to you. We'll see how things go, Lady Herald.

If you're having a hard time raising her approval rating or want to check it, use this tool DAI Save Game Editor 
(The cookie on the roof scene needs 75+ approval rating.)

The list of modified files

My other romance mod :  Dorian Romance for Female Inquisitor

Thank you for your supportive comments and endorsements. I really appreciate it. ^^
Now enjoy your game the way you want to!


Bi Cullen Mod 2.0
Allows all races and genders to romance Cullen (Male, Female / Human Elf Dwarf Qunari)
Requires at least patch 10.

This is my own version I made for myself and in part of my learning. I also restore Cullen's unused dialogues. 

But unfortunately, there's an issue of the romance starting scene doesn't trigger.
So please read instructions in ReadMe file on how to use the workaround before installing.

***Thanks to jorrob96 who found the file that prevent the romance starting scene from triggering. Now we don't need the workaround anymore. 

  • Most of male inquisitor’s romance lines are unvoiced. 
  • Some animations for qunari/dwarf/male are weird/funny due to their heights. xD (see F!Qunari video)

How to install mods : DAI Mod Manager Tutorial 
(Don't forget to make a new folder for your mods. Don't put them inside ModManager or game folder)

**Can't seem to start the romance with Cullen? Use this tool 'DAISaveGameEditor'.
Search for these rejection/cutoff flags in your savegame. (in Plot Boolean flags)
094D9DCFE10C3B43AF54B8BD82370108     >>> Cullen breakup
C09080365C9975478B602D88B69B01A7     >>> Cullen flirting cutoff
if you had them as TRUE, double-click to turn them to FALSE then save your new savegame. 

The list of modified files

**oh I think I forgot to mention this. After you install the workaround, you'll see a dialogue option 'You know, I'm the nobility...', you have to choose it (at least once). Because I edited this dialogue so you'll get an actual romance active flag for Cullen, which will carry over to Trespasser DLC.

As I mention before this is my own version I made for myself, I thought I'd just share it so people can enjoy it too. And it means I export, study, modify and import every file myself. No use of any content from the original Bi-cullen on daitool site. (made by leista, borglet, Cythari, jorrob96 and the other)

oh if you're going to use jorrob96's version, I just gonna warn you that their mod are missing some flirting dialogue options and maybe more. I wouldn't recommend you to use it as it failed to give you the full romance experience with Cullen. 

Romance starting scene ~♡

Okay I have to delete the old versions cuz people keep download them.