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Configurable and static inventory capacity increase for patch 8+

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Tired of running back to a shop every 15 minutes while exploring the Hinterlands?  (More like 5)

Wish you could headcanon the use of The Iron Bull as a personal pack mule?  (Shale is one true pack mule)

Want to pretend like your Mark is actually a Bag of Holding embedded in your hand?  (Maybe spirits mimic your stuff?)

Did you upgrade to patch 9 and suddenly find yourself with much smaller pockets than before?  (Ugh, mods breaking are the worst)

Well, I have good news for you!

There are several non-configurable files here which increase your starting inventory capacity. You have options!
A reasonable bump to 200, the default 400 of the original inventory capacity mod, a freeing 1000, and finally a ridiculous 5000.

Now with more user choice!

A remade configurable mod file is available again. This means YOU get to choose how much space you want, rather than being limited by the Man.

Update 9.03.17
Recreated configurable inventory mod due to reports of errors. Tested in-game and appears to function with multiple saves.

New 2.26.16
Configurable version now available! Trespasser compatible (or, at least doesn't crash upon entry. Need to get confirmation values still change).
The main file has a configurable input and accepts values from 60 to about 32767, with a default amount of 400 if nothing is changed.


+Patch 8 or above

+At least version 56 of the mod manager, v59a if using Patch 11. Get it using the official loader HERE on the Nexus, or HERE  on the DAI modding forum

*Known Issues*

Loading a save where the character has already acquired at least 1 inventory perk does not cause the capacity to change. This is a "feature" of how the values are tracked. Manual workaround below.

*Manual Workaround*
The only known workaround for characters with an inventory perk is manual save editing with THIS editor.

1) Open existing save. Not separated by character, so save with the character to change, then look for the most recent timestamp for the correct one.
2) Search for "C3947CF6CB44EA4EB42BEAB3F2830359" in the Plot Integer Flags. The default value next to it should be "60" 
3) Select it and change value to whatever you wish, then hit Update.
4) Hit Save.

4.5) Trying to overwrite the original file with the same name results in a peculiar crash, so save over a different file or add something like "_new" to the name. Afterward, you manually erase "_new" or whatever extra text was added so it will properly load next time the game is booted up.


Ehamloptiran foremost, for he is the original author of the increased inventory mod from several patch versions ago. He did the work of finding the right numbers to change, I just used his knowledge to get a working version for the newer patches.
esCanor for the very helpful hex editing tutorial for EBX files.