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Lore-friendly re-textures of the Skyhold outfit for male and female dwarves.

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10/16/2015: Added DF Gambeson and source files. I've also updated all previous files to the current patch (as of Trespasser).
08/24/2015: Located and eliminated the conflict preventing both the male and dwarf female mods from being installed at the same time. Updated to version 3. (You only need redownload if you prefer to have both installed at the same time.)
08/23/2015: Updated all the mods to be compatible with the latest patch.
08/03/2015: Source files for male and female Carta vest/jacket have been uploaded under "Miscellaneous" for easy recoloring.
07/24/2015: Added the "Orzammar Finery" texture for the dwarf male. Source files also available.

Lore-friendly re-textures of the Skyhold outfit for male and female dwarves.


Choose one file and put in your designated mod folder. Install with the DAI ModManager (v0.53 or later). To uninstall, remove the file from the folder.

Source files (diffuse, normal, specular, tint maps and PSD files) are listed under "Miscellaneous" so you can recolor the outfits as you wish. Here is a tutorial on how to recolor the Skyhold pajamas to your liking. No need to ask my permission to share/upload your work, but credit would be awesome.


The DAI Modder Central on Tumblr has a wonderful tutorial on how to install mods and also provides links to the latest ModManager downloads. I highly recommend subscribing to their RSS feed because not all modders upload their files here. It is a good resource for mods you may otherwise be overlooking.

If technical issues arise with the ModManager, check the DAI: Modding Tools forum for troubleshooting.

I don't always remember to check this place for messages so if you need to reach me, you can find me as "Gilsa" on the BSN forums or send me a message on tumblr at http://gilsa-childofstone.tumblr.com.


  • The female dwarf in the Carta Vest/Jacket screenshots is using the "Shaved Bun" hairstyle by LetoSix.
  • Many thanks to the team that put the DAI Modding tools together. May you always have the favor of the Ancestors.

"Blood or coin, the Carta always gets its cut." -- Beraht, Dragon Age: Origins