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Replaces the shaved sides and small braid hairstyle for females. Available for humans and elves.

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This mod only works on Ultra settings.

This mod replaces the shaved sides hairstyle for female humans and elves.

Warning! This particular mod is far from perfect. Due to the nature of the original shaved hairstyle this mod is derived from, there are plenty of issues aesthetically currently, such as clipping and bald spots showing during cutscenes.



First and foremost you need the DAI Mod Manager.

When you launch the DAI Mod Manager you’ll need to choose where the DragonAgeInquisition.exe file is located. 

You’ll also need to choose the folder containing all your .daimod files. 

All your mods should show up in a list as “ [ ] Mod Name “, in the case “[ ] Loose Braid for Female Elf/Human" or something. If there’s an [ X ] it means it’s already enabled. You can double click on each mod or click Enable at the bottom left to enable which mods you want to have installed.

Leave ‘Verbose Logging’ and ‘Force rescan of Patch’ unchecked, then hit Merge in the bottom right.  A window will popup telling you of what the program is doing.

You’ll then get asked where you would like to save the modded output which will be something like a folder saying Patch_ModManagerMerge. 

Go to where the DragonAgeInquisition.exe file is located, then to the Update folder. Copy the Patch_ModManagerMerge folder to here and voila! 

Launch the game off Origin and the hair should be installed.

If you’re changing your appearance via Black Emporium, you’ll have to choose the original hairstyle. When you leave Black Emporium you should have the modded hair.


Mods used in the screenshots:
ELEs Female Elf Jammy Retexture
Skaramoosh's Realistic Hair
Shantia's Eyebrows


Kudos to the DAI Tools team for all their hard work making mods possible for DA:I.

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