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A variety of hair mods for different genders and races.

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A collection of various hairstyle mods I've made. Will be updated if/when I add more projects.

  • Short Undercut - available in all-in-one mod, or 6 separate mods. Changes this hairstyle to a short undercut. Available for both male and female Dwarves, Elves, and Humans.
  • Lower Bun - available in an all-in-one mod, or 3 mods. Lowers the bun and adjusts the hairline. Also keeps Briala's hair from clipping through her mask. Female only, for Dwarves, Elves, Humans. (REQUIRES PATCH 8.)
  • Messy Bob with Bangs - 3 separate mods. Changes the "mullet" with bangs hairstyle. Female only, for Dwarves, Elves, Humans.
  • Tousled Hair - 6 separate mods. Changes middle parted hair. For Humans, Elves, Dwarves, both genders. (Requires Patch 8).
  • DA2 Iconic Hawke - 2 separate mods; "Marian" & "Garrett". Changes shaggy short hair to an adaptation of the styles of default Hawke from the previous game. Female Hawke must be a Custom Champion to use this style; male Hawke will show the new hair by default. These are also available to the human Inquisitors.
  • UPDATE 9/15: Undercut Ponytail - 3 separate mods. Changes ponytail to an undercut pompadour with a longer tail. Female only, for Dwarves, Elves, Humans. (Requires Patch 10 and above.)

  • Hawke Styles for Elves - (Requires Patch 8) - 2 files; "Marian" & "Garrett" styles for male and female elves. (Requires Patch 8)
  • Swapped Hawke Styles - 4 files; "Marian" style for Human & Elf Male, "Garrett" for Human & Elf Females. (Please note, you cannot use the Garrett and Marian Hawke for the same race/gender combo at once, as they rely on the same base mesh.) Requires Patch 8 and latest mod manager.
  • UPDATE 9/16: Garrett style for Dwarves - 2 files that replace the shaggy hair with the "Garrett" style. Dwarf male and female only.
  • Lower Bun for Male Elves - Single file that replaces the regular bun. Elf male only.


Unzip the file into a folder of your mods. Use the Mod Manager available from the DAI Tools Suite Loader
Please see the forums for any technical issues using the tool.

Your Mesh Quality settings MUST BE set to ULTRA for these mods to show in game outside of cutscenes. They will not show up in the Mirror of Transformation, but the changes will appear once you exit the Black Emporium. Some meshes may not appear in DLC zones.

Many thanks to the talented and hardworking team who put together the tools, and to Adela and Squid for their hair mod tutorial!