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Edits for several bits of dialogue that paint a dalish inquisitor as completely ignorant of their own culture and heritage. Works for all localization options.

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Many interactions with Morrigan the self-appointed elf lore expert can be uniquely frustrating for those of us playing elven inquisitors: starting with her arrival at Skyhold, when the inquisitor is shown to be unaware of the functions of eluvians and ending with the entirety of "What pride had wrought" where you wander through ancient elven grounds and your available responses to Morrigan's monologues about your own culture and religion range from timidly correcting her misconceptions, to "What's a Mythal?"

This mod is an attempt to fix these interactions.


Changes made, in order of appearance:

1. The infamous Arbror Wilds intro cutscene now ends like this:
Morrigan:  If your scouts report accurately, I believe these ruins to be the Temple of Mythal.
*distant explosions*
Morrigan: Let us hope we reach this temple before the entire forest is reduced to ash.

2. The conversation you get inside the Temple by clicking on Morrigan contains this gem
This conversation option has been removed from the dialogue wheel. The argument about the nature of Mythal between Morrigan and Solas that follows it is instead tacked on (in a slightly abridged form) at the end of the "Where are we in the temple?" conversation branch if it's triggered in the Hall of Shrines (the area with the 3 final puzzles). I would advise to bring Solas with you, so it remains an argument, because otherwise it turns into Morrigan just talking to herself for a while.

3. Investigating the mosaics of Andruil and Falon’Din triggers these two conversations about them.   
Here in both cases the inquisitor’s first line is simply skipped. (also, the codex entries don’t pop up anymore, but the codex itself is still unlocked and can be found in the “Tales” section).

4. Depending on your current party you can get this exchange if you ally with the sentinels.
Here the inquisitor’s complaint about Morrigan not being there to translate is skipped, as are the companions’ reactions to this complaint. 

5. The structure of the final conversation with Abelas is modified.  
The conversation option "What happened to Mythal?" is removed from the dialogue wheel. Instead it's Morrigan who brings up the modern beliefs about Mythal and prompts Abelas to explain what happened.

The eluvian introduction
This one is kind of silly. By 9:41 literally everyone and their dog knows what eluvians do and who made them. You meet no less than six people who are perfectly aware of it. You can actually recruit Michel de Chevin and have Leliana squeeze everything he knows about the eluvian network out of him. She even writes you a report. Yet when first shown an eluvian, the only thing the inquisitor can say is "What does it do?" 

Unfortunately the conversation is constructed in a very inconvenient way and the most seamless thing I've been able to do with it was skip the short exchange with Morrigan in front of the eluvian entirely. The scene goes straight from Morrigan and the inquisitor leaving the war room to them entering the Crossroads.
Hence it comes as a separate optional file. 

Version 2 of the mod changed only the Arbor Wilds intro and the final conversation with Abelas.
Version 1 of the mod – only the Arbor Wilds intro.

If I missed some combination of plotflags/partymembers somewhere and your elf is still saying really silly things in the Arbor Wilds please let me know, so I can make it stop.

This mod doesn't differentiate between elven and non-elven inquisitors. So if you want to play a character for whom the original versions of these conversations would make more sense, you might want to uninstall it.

Patch 8 for DAI and DAI Mod Manager 0.53.

To the creators of the toolset over at daitools.freeforums.org