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Eight custom eyebrows sets for use in character creation.

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4K textures to preserve detail
Custom normal map
Compatible with Patch 7, The Black Emporium and Jaws of Hakkon DLC
(Katherine Face texture not compatible with BE)

UPDATE - 11 November 2022 - Frosty version of Katherine Face Texture added.

UPDATE - 26 August 2022 - Frosty version of the eyebrow mod for qunari courtesy of Margerard who did all the work. They are the author of the Frosty Conversion Hub mod which you should totally check out if you are looking to Frostify mods that are old or abandoned or the author is too out-of-touch/lazy to do it himself... ;)

There are two versions made with two different versions of Frosty. The latest, I believe, is and the other version was made in (filename ends 1059). Some users find mods made in the older version to be more "stable". I know nothing about this but your instructions are to only use the 1059 version if you have issues or already know that you want to use mods made in In theory, both files should work the same way but please don't ask me any more about this because, again, I know literally nothing about this issue beyond what I just typed.  

UPDATE - 18 March 2021 - Frosty version of the eyebrow mod available for elf, humans and dwarves only but qunari coming soon. This port was done by Grotesgi who is graciously allowing me to share it here for anyone having DLC issues and who thinks this might help. The dark shaved version had to be recreated from the light shaved version by altering the opacity so it might not 100% match but there was no choice as the original files are long gone (massive data loss years ago) and the files from this version couldn't be extracted from the daimod. 

UPDATE - 16 Aug 2015 - qunari versions added in two extra flavours - standard and dramatic - as well as the original shaved/unshaved and dark/fair. The "dramatic" styles were my first attempt at porting the mod and I decided that they might need toning down and started from scratch with the standard set. I liked how some of the first set looked however and uploaded them all for you to decide. The port may not be perfect but it is what it is and I'm done with qunari brows for now. See images for comparisons.

Because the qunari brows are separate, you can use one original file (human/elf/dwarf) and one qunari file at the same time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the standard and dramatic versions change different vanilla eyebrows. If you choose one style in CC and then want to see how your Inquisitor looks with the other style, you'll need to change them in the BE.


Katherine Face Texture added - thanks to the talented Shantia for creating the original texture.
Face texture now available for qunari too.


  • This is a conversion of the styles seen in my other mod Eyebrows for Men. I've made them slimmer and hopefully more feminine.
  • Replaces six bushy eyebrows that NPCs hardly use.
  • 4 versions. Dark/Light and shaved/unshaved. Unshaved versions don't have the 3 shaved nicks in style 2 or the scar in style 4 (2a and 4a in the pictures). Light versions suit blonde hair if you don't want to use the questionable light brown/blonde colours from the CC and you use DAI Hair Recolour Utility. I always use the darkest brown which is what you see in all the screenshots. Use only one file at a time.
  • 8 eyebrow sets in total although only 6 can be loaded at a time.
  • Styles look different depending on race and head/eye shape.
  • The eyebrows can be used by males as well if you like the slimmer style.
  • NOT compatible with Shantia's eyebrows or Eyebrows 4 Men. Use one only one eyebrow mod for human/elf/dwarf and one for qunari at a time.


Eyebrows 4 Men
Ciaran Face Texture
Spike Face Texture


Alternate Sidecut by Lycoteuthis (I'm obsessed with this hair mod! It's the only DAI hair that doesn't make me want to scream)
Realistic Hair Texture by Skaramoosh
Prologue Outfit by ArXangel
Side Swept Hair by Skaramoosh


  • I encourage you to upload images of the mod in action! I've set approval to OFF so upload away.
  • BIG THANKS to dracofish a.k.a MelissaGT (BSN) who helped beta, gamma and delta this mod and for taking amazing screens to help me see where I had screwed up.