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Stephy's Odds and Ends

  • Two Moons: Adds Thedas' second moon to the night sky in the Hissing Wastes. (apparently BW forgot their own lore???)
  • Actually Unequip: Turns off the appearance of the "unequipped" weapons so the Inquisitor and their companions actually appear unarmed when weapons are unequipped, just like DA:O and DA2. This only turns off the appearance, not the function. The Inq and their companions will still be able to attack but they will be holding an invisible weapon.
  • The White Swan
  • Baby Face Cullen - Gives Cullen a shave, lightens the bags under his eyes, decreases the wrinkles on his forehead, and reduces the overall shine of his face. 
  • Admiral Coat - No Sword - Simple texture edit to remove the sword from the admiral coat (Compatible with all mods that allow the Inquisitor or companions to wear the armour.)
  • Dress Mesh Edit for All - Removes the chest guard and sash from the Wedding Dress. Can be used on its own or with a retexture. (REQUIRES ULTRA MESH SETTINGS)
  • Silver Flames of the Inquisition: Makes all the weapons silver rather than bronze. (Shield is included with "Shields" file.)
  • Shields: Minor edits to a few of the shields. All shield appearances are still effected by crafting. Photos show uncrafted appearance except the Inquisition Shield (it’s Silverite).
  • Ardent Blossom Tint: Adds three tint slots to the Ardent Blossom flower crown - Inner petals: Cloth Slot 1, Outer petals: Cloth Slot 2, Headband: Metal
  • Blackened Masterwork Sten Sword Grip
  • Aged Masterwork Skull Grip