Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Retex for Human and Qunari female Skyhold jammies

Permissions and credits
~Sept 19~
Issues with opulent tints by tirnoney
If you use black cotton, it will override the textures in these jammies and turn them very dark. Some of them look great, but some do not.

A few jammies I have made. I hope you find at least one that suits your Inquisitor. A little something for everyone. Don't forget to endorse!
~Update~ July 26-2016~ Added Human Female steampunk inspired jammies version 1
~Update~ July 4-2016~ Added Human Female crochet style jammies
~Update~ June 18 Added remake V3 of the silver beaded blue top jammies for Human Female. This version has all silver beads shimmer and sparkling. BUT depending on the light makes the base color change. In some screenshots it looks blue and some it looks brown.
~Update~ June 15-2016 added Human Female Zelda inspired jammies under main files
~Update~ May 22-2016 Added HF blue shimmer jammies with light skintone. I can add other skintones if requested.
~Update~ April 29, 2016 Added Version 2 mesh sparkle jammies for HF (see images for changes) I removed the 3 front low clasps and added a belt.
~Update~ April 14-2016~ Added Version 4 human female studded leather jammies. A revised version cleaned up and enhanced.
~Update~ Jan 28-2016 added Female Qunari Red Dragon jammies under optional files.
~Update oct31~ Added HF V2 brown with gold studs and sheer tummy jammies ~ patch 11 required
~Update Oct-28~~ Added improved HF wing jammies .. under updates (wings on back and more detail). Patch 11 required
~Update~ Oct 23~ Added HF v2 Purple Dragon jammies under optional files. Fixed bottom front of design..Patch 11 required
~Update~ Oct 20~ Added Human Female white beaded jammies to optional files. Patch 11 required
~Update~ Oct 16~ Added Human Female Copper Sweater jammies under optional files
~Update~ Oct-10-Added version 2 of the hand-print outfit for Human Female (more like the elf female version) in update files
*Update~ Oct 9-2015 Added Human Female silver Sweater under optional files -- requires patch 8 (created with patch 11)
*Updated~ Sept 7~ Added repacked QF V2 hand-print jammies~~requires BE, item pack 1 and 2 plus patch 10 under files/Updates
*Updated~ Aug 25~ Added HF V2 wing jammies with sheerer front section under optional files
*Updated~ Aug 22~ Added HF wing jammies under optional files
*Updated~ Aug 20~ Added HF red dragon jammies under optional files
*Updated~ Aug 14 ~ made the blue a little more apparent on the new jammies below. It is a navy blue at the top and black at the bottom of the shirt with silver beading
*Updated~ Aug 13 ~ Added blue undertone with silver beads jammies for human female under optional files
*Updated~ Aug 8 ~ Request~Added HF version of the elf female sparkle jammies under optional files
*Updated~ Aug 7 ~ Request~Added teal, gold and purple Human Female version of the brown and gold outfit with sheer belly under optional files
*Updated~ Aug 6 ~ Added "Improved" Human Female brown and gold outfit with sheer belly (fixed the studs, darkened it a bit and added contrasting lines)
*Updated~ Aug 2 ~ Added Human Female brown and gold outfit with sheer belly
*Updated~ July 31th ~ Request~Added Qunari Female skeleton handprint jammie retexture under optional files
*Updated~ July 28th ~ Added Qunari Female laced up bodice jammie retexture under optional files
*Updated~ July 23rd ~~ Uploaded white floral version with light pants and boots. Request
*Updated~ July 15th ~~ Uploaded fixed or changed versions of the floral white, aqua and the leather studded for human female. Under optional files.
*Updated~ July 9th.. Added a gold and black human female outfit to optional files
*Updated~ July 5th.. Added a version 2 of the studded leather outfit attempting to fix the boot sole issue in certain scenes. I have not tested this, so please let me know if the issue is still there.
*Updated~ July 4th.. Added a lavender human female outfit to optional files
*updated* June 25.. Added human female sparkle jammies to optional files :D
*updated* June 24.. Added a leather chain-mail studded human female outfit
*Updated* June 22.. added a human female peach colored outfit in optional files
*UPDATED* June 13 -2015~~ Added Qunari Female blue-green beta jammies to files. I have not tested this one since I have no Qunari at this time. Any bugs or problems, please let me know. Pictures are very welcome.

The blue-green outfit looks different with the light. Enjoy :D
These daimod's were created with patch 3 and digital deluxe version of the game.
They work great on my pc with patch 7 and the Black emporium. I have not tested with JOH DLC since I don't have it yet.

Extract the daimod and put it in your mod folder.. use the DAI Mod manager to merge the patch. I think everyone knows how to do this now. If not,
please ask and I can help with instructions. If I can do it, anyone can

I will be adding other outfit retextures when I have time (A girl can never have too many jammies) ;D.
Right now this is only in human female version. I can add others later.