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Now configurable and Patch 11 compatible! Winter Stillness activates all the time, and adds to max mana. Rejuvenating Barrier can either give health or mana regen, and Barrier's decay rate can be adjusted.

Permissions and credits
Pissed off at Bioware for going out of the way to keep all things mana-related out of the game? Sick of playing a mage who auto-attacks 90% of the time? Maybe you want a pseudo-healing spell? Or you want to slow down the decay rate of Barrier?

Introducing Enhanced Winter Stillness and Enhanced Rejuvenation Barrier

What the mods do: Please Read Carefully
I do have a changelog so if you just want to see if anything's changed, take a look at it.

Updated for Patch 11
Download V0.6 of Enhanced Rejuvenating Barrier and V0.5 of Enhanced Winter Stillness.
  • Rejuvenating Barrier's bug on party members has been fixed in Patch 11, so the workaround is no longer needed. It's left in the mod options for legacy purposes, activating it just allows every mage in your party to get the skill for free.
  • Please report any bugs not already in Known Issues.

Enhanced Winter Stillness 
  • Now activates all the time - even while moving, even while in Fade Step
  • Adds to max mana on unlock instead of willpower - the willpower bonus has been shifted to clean burn (+6 in total)
  • Configurable options for mana regeneration rate and max mana on unlock - default values are 50 mana added and 50% regen rate

Enhanced Rejuvenating Barrier
  • New option to control barrier's decay rate. The default value is vanilla, which is 9% decrease per sec.
  • Health regeneration option added to replace mana regeneration - choose what you want in configuration options (default: mana regen)
  • Configurable option for regeneration rate - default: 70% for mana, ie. double that of vanilla
  • Health regeneration rate - corresponds directly to %max health healed per second. Recommended values: 3 to 5
  • Workaround added to make rejuvenating barrier apply to all party members - option to enable or disable (default: disable)
This was originally a mod request on the DAITools freeforums to make barriers not decay at all. A request was put in to make it compatible with my enhanced rejuvenating barrier mod, since they modify the same file. So here's the result. Thanks Wendera for implementing the original version of the no-decay barrier mod, and giving me permission to assimilate it into my mod.

  • Vanilla decay rate is 9% decrease per second.
  • If set to 0, barrier will not decay at all. 
  • If set to a negative value, it will cause your barrier to regenerate instead. Do not confuse barrier regen with mana/health regen.
  • Knight Protector skill either decreases decay rate by 35%, or increases barrier regen rate by 35%.  
  • This is independent of the party member workaround for rejuv barrier, ie., whether you have the workaround enabled or not, the modified decay rate will work for every party member.

WARNING: a regenerating barrier is gamebreaking - you cannot die.
Patch 11 - The bug causing Rejuvenating Barrier to not work on party members has been fixed. As long as the caster has Rejuvenating Barrier, any barrier that he casts will have the regen effect. The workaround is left in the mod for legacy/cheating purposes.

Patch 7 - In the vanilla game, when a character is shielded by a barrier - any barrier - the game runs a series of checks to see what additional effects will apply. Checking that the caster has Rejuvenating Barrier is one of the checks. However even though in the code it is written caster, in game it checks the target for the passive instead for some unholy reason. As a result Rejuvenating Barrier only works on a character with the passive ability. To get Rejuvenating Barrier to work on other party members who don't have the passive, this workaround removes this check. By doing so, any barrier will automatically grant Rejuvenating Barrier's effects, as though the check is automatically passed.

  • ANY barrier casted by ANY party member will have the regeneration bonus, which is closer to what the tooltip says
  • You don't need to spend points to get the passive ability to have its regeneration bonus while under barrier
  • You still need to spend a point to get the passive to get the +3 constitution bonus
  • Enemies do not benefit from this workaround (tested only on wraiths and rebel mages)

You can therefore make barrier a gradual health regenerating barrier with the following configuration options:
  • Type of Regeneration: Health
  • Regeneration Rate: 3 (heals 3% max health per sec, feels the most balanced to me)
  • Workaround: regen for everybody? - Enable

For example, with the workaround, Vivienne has the basic barrier ability only (1 point in the spirit tree only). She does not have the +3 constitution bonus. She casts barrier on Blackwall and herself. Both benefit from the regeneration bonus as long as the barrier is active. 

Without the workaround, ie. vanilla, let's say Vivienne has the left side of the spirit tree, ie. she has spent a point on Rejuvenating Barrier. She has the +3 constitution bonus. She casts barrier on Blackwall and herself. Only Vivienne benefits from the regen bonus as long as the barrier is active.

In another scenario, without the workaround, say Vivienne only has the basic barrier spell (1 point in the spirit tree only). Solas however has spent a point in Rejuvenating Barrier. Vivienne casts barrier on Solas and herself. Only Solas benefits from the regeneration bonus as long as the barrier is active.
Use with the latest version of the mod manager, available using the launcher at http://daitools.freeforums.org/latest-version-announcement-t1060.html.

Instructions can also be found at the forums, but here's a quick and dirty guide.

  1) Have the vanilla patch in your update folder, named "Patch", then run the mod manager.
  2) Choose and configure your mods as you like.
  3) After merging the mod manager automatically creates a new folder called "Patch_ModManagerMerge".
  4) Run the game.

Known Issues
  • Default names for crafted weapons/armor are replaced by junk strings. There's nothing I can do about it because it's a side effect of editing tooltip text. So far it appears that this is limited only to default names for crafted items, which is not a very big issue since you can rename them, but please report if text in other places become jumbled/junk.
  • The maximum limit to health regeneration rate is 100%, which is specified by the game.
  • If you enable the workaround (cheat), you don't need to spend a point on Rejuvenating Barrier for it to work.
  • V0.3 causes crashes if you try to access the options menu. It has (hopefully) been fixed in V0.4. Please update your files. (Thanks DMancini)

These two mods (V0.2 and higher) will conflict with other mods that modify tooltip text and possibly some dialogue text, as they share a single big resource file. The mod in the lowest position will overwrite the text of all others. If there is a conflict, choose to put Enhanced Winter Stillness and Rejuvenating Barrier above the conflicting mods. Overwriting tooltip text isn't a big problem - the actual spell functionality is retained, only that your tooltips for Winter Stillness and Rejuvenating Barrier will not reflect mod changes, or may have missing/changed text.

I have patched the tooltip text resource file shared by these two mods, so load order for these two mods will not matter if used together.

I also modify files related to Clean Burn, Rejuvenating Barrier, Winter Stillness, and Barrier's timeline (ablativearmor shielded_timeline.ebx).

Mods are in their alpha stages, so you choose to download and use them at your own risk. I've tested them to be working for me but your mileage may vary. Also do not use in multiplayer or you will likely crash.

Ehamloptiran for his awesome modding tool. DawnlessSky, Zhentar and the rest of the modding team for working hard on the ModMaker/Manager.
esCanor for his hex editing tutorial.
Dheuster for his helpful config script tutorial.
All the awesome developers of the modding tools, I'm in awe that the tools were made from scratch without help from Bioware.