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The Inquisitor can have many romances simultaneously and continue to flirt as though he or she were single.

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This Mod Requires the DAI Mod Manager by Zhentar (not NMM); it can be found here:
*Under the "Tools" section on the site linked above, you can view tutorials and also acquire DawnlessSky's DAI Tools Loader, which will update the dai mod manager automatically.


This mod allows for flirtation and romance with multiple characters in DAI. Choose the appropriate module/s for the characters you wish to romance or simply flirt with; the mod will affect only the conversations with the named character. For instance, if you think you might possibly romance Cassandra during the game, use MRM_Cassandra to prevent the mighty Seeker from "finding out" that you are already involved with Josephine, Iron Bull, Dorian and/or anyone else. If the game detects an active romance, with another character, during your conversation with Cassandra, it will set a number of plot flags to keep you from so much as flirting with her again. What MRM does, in each case, is prevent the romance check from happening in the first place.

Pick and choose as you like, but remember: only install ONE mod per character!!!

Install each mod as soon as you can for maximum flirtation. Flirtation is necessary to trigger the romance "quests," but the game, generally, will bypass the flirting options (the red/pink hearts) in a conversation, if a romance (with someone outside the conversation) is detected. The goal of each mod is to get the Inquisitor past all of the "checkpoints" in that character's conversations, up till the point when the romance begins. In most cases, you can remove the mod after the romance begins (I must warn that this is not always clear!), but MRM_Dorian is an exception and must stay installed until the end of the vanilla game, to prevent a crash. Modules that meet various needs are available for all eight full romances: Blackwall, Cassandra, Cullen, Dorian, Iron Bull, Josephine, Sera, and Solas and there is also that allows you to flirt continually with Scout Harding at the mid-to-later-game camps and at Skyhold.

If you have a non-MRM romance mod, i.e. a "bi" mod, for one character, select the individual MRM modules (and definitely not the "Full" version!), for OTHER characters that you wish to flirt with or romance. The one exception to this rule is the BiCassandra mod (posted on the Nexus by arseloft) which can, and should, be used with MRM-Cassandra for multi-romance purposes. The easiest way to juggle MRM and the "bi" mods is to romance the "bi" character first, then move on to the ones MRM covers.

OPTIONAL: Using The DAI SaveGameEditor by Ehamloptiran along with MRM
MRM does the plot flag work for you. If you are using MRM as suggested, you will NOT need to change any plot flags to start your romances. However, if you find that a character is not flirting with you, and MRM for that character is installed, you may have incurred a "no flirting" plot flag for that character. You can fix this very quickly with Ehamloptiran's Save Game EditorIf you don't have the SaveGameEditor, get it here:
I have additions to Shul's updated plot flags list (you can download that with the SaveGame Editor) that are useful for romance here:
I have an MRM guide posted on my website as well; it has instructions for using the SaveGame editor with MRM, and troubleshooting, as in the situation mentioned above, or if you have an non-MRM romance mod, or want to try to hear "jealousy" lines. MRM does not affect the romance after it begins; no one will break up with you because of other romances! However, you may wish to view the different cutscenes with each of your romances. It's beyond my ability to do a plug-in mod for this, but I have added step-by-step instructions for viewing cutscenes with all of your romances at Halamshiral , as well as the base game's finale, in a "Plot Flags Workaround" on my website here:
Older versionsof hte workaround  are still available for downloading under "Optional" on the MRM file page, but the one on my website has some add-ons and corrections to the plot flags list that should make things easier to do.

MRM is a bit of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mod; all sorts of situations may arise as you combine MRM modules with other mods. Check the comments section for the many clever solutions that users have come up with for these issues. Eham's Plot Flag Editor can help to eliminate many obstacles, but it can't add plot flags that you missed. Strategic planning and some knowledge of the "requirements" (i.e. personal quests) for each romance may be helpful.

DLC notes: It appears that MRM works well with the DLC! Your plot flags (the "active romance" is always checked for, and often any gifts or culminations.)
New Mods!!!
Long ago, along with jorrob96, leista, and cyndahari, I contributed to a biCullen mod of some notoriety (not least because we encountered a huge bug with Cullen's dialogue and wound up with a clunky solution we didn't love). I'm delighted to say we have fixed it and there is now  a MRM-compatible
version that works for all races and genders (female humans and elves, too!)

I'm very thankful to both jorrob96 and cyndahari for their help with this! Because of their insights with Cullen, I was able to fix not only the Leliana-bug with MRM_Josephine, but, at long last, MRM_Sera! MRM_Sera was destroyed by Patch VI about a week after I posted it on the Nexus. Since that time I have been asking players to use the "plot flags workaround" to start the romance, but it is no longer necessary.
Due to complications with the tools, I cannot update this mod as I would like.  MRM_Sera and MRM_Josephine both now consist of two daimods, the main mod (1) and a patch (2). I have labeled them "1 of 2" and "2 of 2"  Use BOTH together!!! If you are using the "Full" version of MRM, which is starting to become downright senile, you may have to switch to the modules eventually. However, for now the Josephine_Leliana Patch is available on its own. If you are downloading MRM_Josephine, you do not need the Josephine_Leliana Patch, as it is included (it is the second of the two mods.)

Insta-Cullen: Our original biCullen mod did not set Cullen's romance plot flag, which is needed for the romance in Trespasser. I've devised an "Insta-Cullen!" It's just the respec amulet that I have modded to set Cullen's flag for you, the second you buy it from the blacksmith's shop. Either or both amulet/s will do the job, they are free, their re-spec-ing ability has been removed...and it works for anyone at any time, so use your best judgment. It works as early as Haven, but you will definitely miss that beginning romance scene (and no kissing scene will trigger till skyhold!) If you set the flag and
regret it, use Ehamloptiran's save game editor to change it . Download the "Plot Flags Workaround" if you need help with the plot flag
editor or need romance flag info.



Soon after you've begun a romance with a follower in Dragon Age: Inquisition, you may notice that your other companions seem to find you less fascinating than they did before. Gone are those sweet wilderness-moments with Scout Harding, those awkward silences with Cullen, those things you wish you hadn't said to the Iron Bull and also wish he hadn't said in reply... Sure, you'll get a little wink in here, a "tee-hee" there, but your roving days are done. Even if you hadn't intended to commit your Inquisitor for life, when you began a romance, the game generated plot flags that prevented you from starting a new romance, and (in many cases) flirting. If you choose to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, those flags are not nullified; in fact new flags pop up that will, ultimately, block a new romance as well! Now, the "ex" will be rude to you, and you will still be unable to start a new relationship. When you're cut out of a romance, you miss out on content- quests, jokes, cutscenes, many of which are dependent on the main plot, and can't be produced at other times. My mod prevents these romance plot flags from ruining your fun!

What it does: allows you to flirt and start new romances without ending others. You will no longer be rejected because of another romance. If you wish to hear jealous remarks (especially amusing if you have several romances going), save your game and disable MRM (this mod!) When you're ready to start the romance, re-enable this mod and restore from the save.

What it will not do: remove plot-related or approval qualifications, or unilaterally remove restrictions of race or gender. You will still need to have complete personal quests, have flirted with your "intended" to some degree, if those things are necessary for the romance to start. It can't turn back the clock either!  With some characters you may have many chances to start a romance, but with others you just get one, and you don't get to choose when (i.e. Cassandra, Solas, Blackwall). To be "safe," in this regard, try to install MRM as soon as possible.

Conflicts with other mods?
Known conflicts: most other romance mods, including Equal Opportunity Solas and Bi-lackwall  by siekscroe (both nice, clean mods that I recommend). If you need a mod that removes gender or race restrictions, use that mod, without mine installed, and start that relationship first. Once the romance begins, you will no longer be tested for race or gender, and the romance cannot end without your consent.  Then you can use my mod to start other romances. My mod only deals with the check for other romances.
No conflicts:  Andraste'sTits' Bisexual Cassandra/CassRom. My mod diverts a "jealous" moment in Cass' hub that is designed to prevent her reomance from starting. It only applies to male Inquisitors who are not involved with Cassandra. Those playing as female Inquisitors who are romancing Cassandra won't even need my mod, as she only checks the relationship status of males.  However, if you have more than one game going on, say, a male and a female Inquisitor, both romancing Cass, my mod and Andraste's mod will not conflict.   

This mod affects the main (skyhold) conversation hub of most of the romanceable characters, as well as their individual plot flag arrays. It may conflict with other mods that deal with these files. For this reason, I have a Modular Version, one that treats each character (and Harding) individually, so, if you are worried, you can mix and match. If you have a mod that removes gender/race restrictions from Cullen or Cassandra, you won't need my mod at all for them; you can use the modular version as needed for other romances. Even with the all-in-one (non-modular) version, you can safely remove and reinstall it as you like; once your romances have begun, they will stay put without this mod in place. Once those "active" flags have flipped, nothing can touch them. (Actually, YOU can mess with them; I teach you how in the optional "Plot Flags Workaround" file)

DORIAN: If you have begun a romance with Dorian and have or intend to have other romances, keep MRM (either the "Full"one or the modular MRM-Dorian) in your mod list.  If you are seeing him, he has an unique greeting for you, and if you are seeing someone else, he may greet you with gossip; I just couldn't get the two greetings to coexist without a crash. If you have no designs on Dorian and would prefer the gossip, get the modular version and install the mods for each desired romance but Dorian. Now...If, say, your Inquisitor is female and romanced Dorian via a "bi" mod, and is now romancing, say, Cassandra, you could 1) skip installing MRM_Dorian, 2) use Eham's plot flag editor to nullify Dorian's plot flag, and then you would hear Dorian's remarks when you greet him in the library. Seat-of-the-pants stuff.

Which Modular Versions should I get?
If you're looking to flirt as much as possible or if you're not sure which relationships you will wish to pursue throughout the game, you can actually install one per character (9 total) without conflict. Install them as soon as possible after Skyhold is reached. The Iron Bull, Josephine, and Scout Harding are slow-burners, due to the importance of flirting for them, so make sure the mod for each chracter is in until you've started a romance (or, in Harding's case, have traveled to the 6 locations that only open after Skyhold is reached). If you're just looking to bypass the flag check for one conversation, or if you wish to personalize your own companion mods, you certainly won't need the full mod. The modular version contains everything the full version does, but it is split up into 8 separate mods, one for each companion (but Sera) and Harding. (Minister Bellise has also been adjusted; she is with Josephine.) I'll just point out here that there is no actual romance, i.e. quests and cutscenes, with Harding. It's just flirting.
***DORIAN is the exception; if you are romancing him (among others) you will need some form of the mod (you can swap the full mod for the MRM-Dorian safely, or vice-versa) or the game will crash when you talk to him.**** just pointing it out again, cuz crashes R bad :)

Tremendous love and care went into each companion; yes, I do believe that each deserves a full playthrough. I also believe that such an
expectation is unrealistic, maybe impossible. Besides the amount of time
this would take, the truth is that, even in replays, we often gravitate
toward the same types of hero, the same choices, because they are
important to us. Now we can honor those "first choices" without
depriving ourselves of new ones. First and foremost, each romance was
created to be be played and enjoyed, not to sit unused. There's no wrong
reason; maybe you're in the mood for an Audrey Hepburn movie.
Josephine's romance will do beautifully. Or maybe you are thinking,
"Hmmmm... I spent a fortune decorating my bedroom and I never get to see
it." If so, this mod is for you!

I owe thanks to many people, especially to those at the daitools website who helped me develop this
project over many weeks. In just four months, a small group of people
worked tirelessly, and voluntarily, to create these amazing tools.
Without these people, we'd have no mods at all. A special thanks to the
brave people who tested my work. I used the following tools to make this

DAI Modding Tool by Ehamloptiran
DAI Mod Manager by Ehamloptiran (originally)
DAI Mod Manager by Zhentar (recently)
DAI Tools by Warranty Voider, WOGoodes, Ehamloptiran, Mthygesen, Renmiri, Sirmabus, et alia
DAI SaveGameEditor by Ehamloptiran
the ModMaker by dawnlessSky

I especially want to thank siekcsroe, whose Equal Opportunity Solas mod I
immediately downloaded and dissected (not at the same time); it
contributed greatly to my understanding of how conversations could be
edited properly, and moreover gave me courage to post my own work on the
Nexus. Thanks to AndrastesTits, whose brave little mod revealed the
enormity of power a single line of code. I also want to thank the
b!Cullen thinktank, jorrob96, leista, and cyndhari, who took an impossible situation and made it work,
and who helped me preserve precious shreds of sanity on many occasions. And they've just done it again!
Thanks to AfroditeOhki and others  who found the plot flag fix for Josie! Looking through the comments, I see readers helping each other, pointing each other to solutions (for the..one or two... snags one may encounter with this gargantuan mod), helping me, and generally being exemplary citizens of Nexus-dom. Last, but not least, thanks to everybody on daitools who helped me, taught me stuff, listened to me cry over Sera for weeks, and created a safe and wonderful place to share ideas. Bioware, thank you for this beautiful, thought-provoking, insanely fun game, and thank you for for letting me poke at its wonderful brain. You've shown us that games are the perfect medium for storytelling and you've captivated your audience without "dumbing it down." A standing ovation to Bioware for DAI.

Files Altered in MRM (Full and indivual versions)
found under da3/designcontent/conversations/inquistionbase/secondbase or


in2_blackwall_postsetback_d  added version IV


("jealousy" Cullen has only hub, not second file)



Iron Bull:



*Solas any race/gender


Tips and Troubleshooting?
I included an optional text file that will teach you how to generate the dance scene with your multiple romances at
Halamshiral and to see the endings for each after the party at the end
of the game. What I'll teach you involves changing the flags in your
savegames; it is a clunky and tedious path, but it will get you where
you need to go, mod-free. I'll also provide lists of flags that may be
keeping your romances from starting, and I'll show you how to change
them. This may be especially useful if you are late in the game or are
using a mod that removes gender or race restrictions. I made this
lengthy semi-tutorial, just as a fail-safe, in case I wasn't able to
support this mod. However, I released the mod on the same day as Patch
6, which kept us from using mods at all for a while, and it proved
tedious but useful! My mod was built upon my experiments with the flags,
and should my mod fail you (please keep in mind I have left the vanilla
requirements intact, but for the other-romance-check :)),  disguising
your romance flags will get the end you seek. This method is also useful
if you depend on another romance mod and can't use mine due to
If you use my mod in your own work, a "thank you" would be nice, but you don't need to ask my permission explicitly.  I will
gladly help anyone who's having trouble with this mod, trying to
personalize it , or working on something related, but I can't do custom
mods. I would also ask that, if your trouble is starting a new romance,
that you make sure the trouble is related to romance flags; it may be
the case that you need to raise a follower's disposition, do some quest,
or have some conversation instead.