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Some Simple Tweak to make Nightmare be real(hopefully, Suggestion badly needed)

Permissions and credits
This mod require the latest version of DAI Mod Manager and the latest patch (Official patch 5 at the moment of creating this mod, the package.mft will show patch 6, that's the value DAIMM take)
04/03/2015: At the moment most mod seem unable to work, Renmiri has post a solution at the comment section of DAIMM

This mod modified some level data and difficulty data.
What this mod Do:
- The level cap of most creature in Thedas is now 30, rather than hard cap set by each zone. I choose 30 since that maximum level u can achieve in the game at the time typing (06-Mar-2015). And MOST, since Corypheus and his dragon are nowhere to be found in the data. May be there no cap for end boss at all

- Adding Tweakable Nightmare Difficulty:
+ Enemy Health
+ Enemy Damage
+ Enemy Ability Cooldown
+ Negative Effect Duration (May affect both you and the enemy, default value is 1 for vanilla Hard and Nightmare, need some testing here)
+ Enemy Move speed (May be the added movement speed, haven't really test this, just pull it out right from the xml) 

What this mod will NOT do:
This mod does not modify loot data, therefore, the loot still bound by the region you at.

What this mod will try to do:
- Try to add Tweakable Enemy Level Cap (or find the value that the game perceived as no cap)
- Further exploring the nightmare difficulty to make ppl really cry ( as said in the game description) and not like these videos
(Really, Steath, thousand cut, hidden blade, Back to being invisible, on nightmare, this make Corypheus Cry, not player, he can't even hit the sneaky Inquisitor )
- This still in it's very early BETA and needed as much help as possible. Need you guys can suggest/collaborate/create new mod to tweak some more (resistances, creature ability cool down etc etc...).
- Need real data on how the scaling actually perform

Permission: Well, use any resources as you like. If u got time and patience.

BioWare for Making the game
Eham for his Modding tool
All the mod god for making mod possible.