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Allows Inquisition leveling to 30 and a total of 34 perk points. 1 for each perk.

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*daimod for use with DAI_ModManager by Ehamloptiran*

*MOD INCOMPATABILITY* *Do not use at the same time as NewInfluenceTable*

*MOD INCOMPATABILITY* *Do not use at the same time as Ardent Blossom Misc Store - Perks Per Level diamods ONLY*
Using conflicting mods won't/shouldn't cause issues, however the lower listed mod will take precidence and override any above it.

*Updated to latest patch as of 27/09/15* (Authoritative Version 11)

This mod allows you to increase the Inquisition's rank past the standard limit of 20 and gain more then the normal 19 perk points to spend on the pool of 34 in-game perks. With this mod you can level upto 30 and gain 34 perk points. (levels 25 to 30 will give you 2 points each to reach 34 points)

You will not lose levels installing this mod mid-game. The level progression has not been changed and levels past 20 follow the same pattern as below 20. You will need LOTS of influence to reach level 30. (more than double again what it took to reach 20)

** For increased influence rewards try More Influence. Should help you reach those extra levels faster/easier. **

This is kind of like a proof of concept mod, yes you *can* break the level 20 cap. But this is probably not the best way to go about it. Hopefully as the mod tools are developed further this mod can be replaced with a proper, less hacky, version. Reguardless of hacky method I have encountered no issues during extensive play testing when using this mod and there have been no reported issues from other users.

If you already have enough influence to take you beyond level 20 when you install this mod you will NOT recieve the perk points for any levels that were 'skipped'. Use CheatEngine to reduce your influence to ~209000 then level normally if you want all 34 perk points. The game only awards perk points when levels are gained legitimately, ie when the game GIVES you influence.