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Last updated at 21:02, 22 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 23:00, 17 Feb 2015

Hey folks,

in contrast to last time I am indeed a little proud of this one:

Companion Color Configurator

What does this do?
This mod allows you to freely choose the eye color of you all companions and
advisors. No restrictions, no preselected sets you have to choose from.

If you can imagine it, it can be in Cullen's face!

The download contains 12 separate files, one for each character. these are in no way interdependent, use as many or as few as you wish.
They will show up in the Mod Manager as "[character name] Co3". The full title was too long for the mod list in the default width and looked rather silly.

To choose your colors in the Mod Manager click the Configure button, and enter the values you want for the inner and outer iris.

The simplest way to get the red, green and blue color values is to
  • open Paint or another image application,
  • select the color you want
  • copy the values over to the Mod configuration

I might add an option to edit hair colors the same way in the future, but that might look really bad without adjusting the textures,
depending on color and character.

  1. Extract the daimod file to your mod folder
  2. Choose the colors you want.
  3. Merge with ModManager


No specific issues known to me. (Yet)
Fully compatible with and affected by eye texture mods.
Fully compatible with mods that change your companions default textures.

Likely incompatible with other mods changing the head models. Or it would be, if there were any others...
There might be a way around that, will continue to look into that direction.

As far as I saw, each time you remerge your mods you have to set your colors anew, so better write them down somewhere.
This is because the Mod Manager restores the default values after each restart, not the values you typed in previously.
Again there might be ways around that in the future, we'll see, for now there's nothing I can do about that.

I mostly stabilized this by now I think. If you see something weird, let me know, please.

Bioware/EA for the game, Ehamloptiran for the Tools and knowledge from the DAITools Board.