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On 19 Dec 2014, a month after the NA launch of the "unmoddable game" we had "Modding Tools for Dragon Age Inquisition games". At first just texture and text mods were easy. The rest was possible but hard. Easier mesh edit was added 3 months later and glorious hair mods were born along w 500 other mods link to new project below

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https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/2773Want to change that pajamas you are forced to use on Skyhold ? Give hair to Solas ? Make Leliana red headead again ? Here we discuss what we know so far and we even have a tool to view the game assets files (CAS) and the game save files (DAS), courtesy of Warranty Voider (ME3 modding tools) and Ehamloptiran (Skyrim, Bioshock modding tools), wogoodes  and others who did many mods for games. Dan and Zenthar have done the latest mod manager and mod tools, using the code from Eham and Voider.

The goal is to make a Creation Kit like Skyrim's to allow modders to change game assests. Will we get there ? Stay tuned. For now the tools  we have are just viewing and exporting, not  importing  or modding. import on version 37!! But Ehamloptiran is working on a texture and mesh replacer tool with some success and he has just  released a texture import as a standalone beta tool for experienced modders on 12/15. Modders Silvist and Kiitosu were gracious enough to offer a texture for the dreaded skyhold jammies. Red for female quizzy done by Silvist, white and black for male quizzy done by Kiitosu.

May 5th 2015 Update: Mods can change textures, assets and mesh can be edited, as long as the new mesh has the same number of vertices, rigged in the same order (painful I know!!!). In plain english this means hair mods are possible and we have already 2 available!!! But they are very hard work for modders, they basically have to do it moving each little strand of hair, one at a time. Adela and Skaramoosh were brave enough to do it and they have hair mods available for download at our forum. No one else has had the time and patience to mod any other mesh but in theory you could see new weapons and armor mods soon. We can also delete mesh - make solas hat at halamshiral disappear, or take Blackwall's beard off. Alas we can't ADD mesh yet so new hair for Solas or otherm ore involved mesh modding is still impossible.

NOTE: This is a tool made by fans. Bioware is not involved in any way except from making the game.

October 2019
- This tool might still work but there will be no support so I'm making it discontinued. New site at https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/2773 and Discord https://discord.gg/wzJG7Mq

5/8/15 - If you want to use mods with the DLC and Black Emporium, you need to use the new Mod Manager v 0.51 that can be downloaded at our forum

1/20/15 - After pach 3 from Bioware people need a new version of mod manager (use DAIModmanagerV2.rar here on Nexxus)
(or here while it uploads to Nexxus)

The tool is kept on SVN and changes often so we won't be hosting it here on Nexxus. You can find the latest version here

http://sourceforge.net/p/daitools/code/HEAD/tree/DA_Tool/bin/Debug/ (old link)

Tutorials, research, bug reports

News, Bioware Social Network feedback

Silvist and Kiitosu's instructions on how to use their textures, Emamloptiran's link to the beta texture replacer (needed to swap textures)
http://daitools.freeforums.org/post1546.html#p1546    (new version with level explorer)

There is even a mod here are already three around 50 we are at 210(!!) mods here in Nexxus using our tools. Several with new jammies, one with Halamshiral formal wear, some for leliana, Joisie, Cass and Solas armor and looks. One lets you get rid of armor restrictions. The mods do everything for you. Check it out.  
(To use the mods below you will need the DAI Mod Manager, which can be downloaded here)

and many more

With files you download here and the texture replacer tool (from our tool set) you can make your own mod too. Make sure to get the latest DAI mod tool

Bioware <-- Game Developer (Not involved in the creation of this toolkit)
Warranty Voider Ehamloptiran wogoodes, Dan, Zenthar others <--- Tool coders
Silvist, Kiitosu, Adela, Ottemis <-- 3D Artists
fans <-- Inspiration
The dreadful skyhold pajamas, the few hair options on CC <-- Motivation ;)

And finally here's what a 3D artist - Adela - already did with it. (5/8/15) The hair below is available  at our forum (check Adela's thread at User Gallery)