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I was sick of Qunari Females looking ugly so I created Kataari,

I personally think she turned out quite attractive. I hope you agree.

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*** NOTE ***
I know the photo quality isn't that great .. i had to use my phone to take them.  Hopefully you can see them alright. :)

I used a few mods to achieve her complexion and other visual enhancements.  These were added to my game using FROSTY.

There is a text file included with the links to these mods, but I will also include them here:

Kataari QF  mod list

Start with HEAD #3

SK Mini Qunari Hair Pack - (Wavy Side Swept Hair) by NexusModsCaretaker

Distinct Brows - Qunari - by ihuntalone

Enhanced Character Creation - by kingslayvr

I hope you like her as much as I do.

(made using  Dragon Age Inquisition patch version 14 / Frosty Version