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Sliders for my latest Inky, Jade!

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This is my preset for my latest Inky, Jade! I have included several screenshots with different hairstyles that I used, also with different armors. I have used KISS skintones in the beginning, but unfortunately it caused me more issues than not, so I have stopped using it halfway through the game. However if you have the patience to set it up correctly (Frosty with DAImod) then go for it! I used all of the below mods with only Frosty.

Unfortunately I can only upload the sliders, as I have deleted/overwritten the early savefiles for Jade, and also she looked WAY different in the beginning haha.

Resolution used is 1920x1080.

List of mods to make her look exactly like the picture:

Settrah brows - alternate by Settrah
Witchcraft eyes and lashes by KittenTails
Battle-hardened Complexion 1.1 by ihuntalone
Neutral expression by Elsie122
Live like Sera by baudelairienne
(or Dainty Mage, Rogue Inky, Chantry, Floral)
Anto - Bianca by KittenTails
(or Anto/Hairstyle day)
Casual outfit by ihuntalone
(Optional) KISS Skin Tones by KittenTails