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Warden's Battlemage Armour re-texture.

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Quick retexture of the Elbow and Knee guards, Bootstraps and Soles, Shirt metal, leather and cloth bits in the diffuse, specular and tint maps to better match each other. Elbow and Knee guards are now tintable and will follow the same tint as Gloves and Boots. Bootstraps match the glove straps and the Boot Soles are untintable to better separate colours. The shirt's middle front section follows clothing tint, leather and metal bits do too.

Update (2021-04-10):

It looks like the only workaround is modding the game using both Frosty and Mod Manager; follow this TUTORIAL.
In my game loading the mod (textures) through Frosty causes significantly higher save game and inventory character model load times. It also causes long freezes after cutscenes which resolve after a few minutes. Using both Frosty to load non-texture mods and DAI Mod Manager to load texture mods at the same time fixed the issues for me.

Update (2021-04-07):

Originally made this mod using Frosty. Frosty wouldn't accept any DDS file so I used PNG files assuming Frosty converts the files to DDS automatically. After running the game for a while I noticed that save files would load up much slower and characters in inventory took much longer to render too.

I therefore decided to quickly learn how to do it through DAI Mod Maker. The good news is that it accepted DDS files so the modded texture map files are the exact same size as the originals. The bad news is that load times are as slow as my Frosty mod, which makes no sense to me.

So I've updated the main file to be the DAIMod one as I feel more comfortable knowing for sure that the maps are in DDS form. I'll leave the old files up as well for anyone who wants to troubleshoot.