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A save game for my elven mage with preset name Ellana, history is the same as my other save games for my Trevelyan gals

Permissions and credits

Male!Amell x Morrigan (Amell did ritual with Morrigan, Alistair rules as king alone, Amell went through the eluvian with Morrigan)

Fem!Sarcastic! Mage Hawke x Fenris (Varric did not keep red lyrium, Isabella returned the tome, Anders alive, Hawke sided with mages)

All Dlcs

Lots of money

Lots of Schematics

Some high level weapons and accessories

Baby mode for those of you just wanting the story

(please upload pictures if you like her, I'd love to see what you choose to do with my gal in game <3)

saved in haven after prologue.




Mods Used for Ellana::

Enhanced Character Creation
Settrah Brows
Kitten's Complexions::(Tintable Sera)
Makeup (No blush)
SOS Eyes up here (babydoll)
(Longest Fullest Lashes)
Starting Armors (Dalish)
Elaborate Dalish Robes (Forest)
Nightcrawler (Nylon)

Her outfit for For Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts::

Nightcrawler (Sangria)
Wedding dress replacer (replaces the formal wear)