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Unlocks now-inaccessible promo material mounts and Skyhold customizations. No items. Yet. Includes Avvar Mixed-Draft (AMD), Light-Torn Steed (Logitech), Primal-Trained Logma mounts; Kirkwall and Legacy Ferelden thrones; Serault Glass; and Dragon decor and drapes. DAImod format.

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Yeah I mean pretty self explanatory, it unlocks some promo content that you can no longer get through any legitimate means. 

***NOTE: For the thrones, dragon decor, and dragon drapes, you'll also need to install the individual unlock mod for that customization. I don't know why combining all the changes in one mod doesn't work, I have a hunch but idk how to fix it, and this way does work, so.

Doesn't unlock any of the promo material items like rings and such, a) because I didn't know they existed when I started this and b) those are a bit more complex to unlock, it seems. I could try if people really want those items though. I just wanted the ghost horse and the thrones.

I've also only tested on my own edition, which is Game of the Year Edition with all the DLC and Patch 12. I'm not sure if it would work with other editions, but my guess is that as long as you have patch 12, it should be ok.

Avvar Mixed-Draft*
Light-Torn Steed*
Primal-Trained Logma*

Kirkwall Throne^^
Legacy Ferelden Throne^^

Dragon Decor^^
Dragon Drapes^^
Serault Glass*

* Means the mod just unlocks the war table operation that then unlocks the content. Otherwise it should just be available.
^^ Requires additional asset specific unlock mod, included under files of course.

The mod unlocks content mostly by setting the necessary plot flags on game load. There's a logic file that does this after checking with the server for what DLC you have. Because these are just an asset file or two each, I found a way around that. But it wouldn't work to actually unlock any DLC. That would also be like, much more illegal. 
The point is, if you have some of these but not all, it should unlock the rest. If it accidentally turns one you did have OFF, let me know, it shouldn't do that. 

Any questions or bugs or requests, feel free to post!