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Female elf bard armour and formal attire. Includes optional flute weapon.

Permissions and credits
C A F F E I N E P A I N T E R ' S

O R L E S I A N   B A R D


If you're already familiar with my other armour set mods 
Chantry Crusader Armour, Vagabond Herbalist Outfit, Elegant Victorian Outfit and Rogue Inquisitor Outfit,
you'll know how this works. This armour is set up in the same way (with the exception of the Chantry Crusader Formal wear).

Additionally this armour comes with a custom staff! It's shaped like a long flute, so you can really feel like a bard.

This mod is compatible with my NO STARTER mod for Frosty which hides the prologue armour.
You can find it under Optional files at Elegant Victorian Outfit.


The armour set is made for ELVEN FEMALE inquisitor and is therefore only available for her, no other races.
I plan on making other armour sets for other races and genders in the future.
I'd rather make new ones that fit the body type of the race than try to force this one to fit. 

The outfit will/should work in all zones (even Haven!) considering they replace the original inquisitor outfits.
Please let me know if you run into issues in any zones.

There are two options for all mods, 2k and 4k resolution.
For the best texture quality and crisp details use 4k which doubles the quality of the texture map.
If you can't run 4k or experience lag when doing so, use the 2k version. 
The model is still quite large, so if you run into lag issues either way there's not much I can do.

Please avoid giving your inquisitor hair for this outfit (or remove it at the Black Emporium). Hair will clip though the hood and hat.
Use the Hatless version if you wish to use hair.

This outfit was inspired by a couture look from designer Ulayana Sergeenko's Spring 2013 Collection.

All screenshots were taken using the 4k versions.

Orlesian Bard - Armour 2k/4k
Tintable and none-tintable versions
The main file for the Orlesian Bard Outfit. This completely replaces the standard inquisitor armour set for EF of all classes with this Bard Outfit.
Everything from PJ's to the highest tier inquisitor armour, including upgrades for arms and legs.
It will always look the same in regards to shape no matter how you upgrade it.

If you're using the TINTABLE version you can customize colours.
Note that not all parts will be affected when you craft the armour (depending on schematic),
but can be customized at the tinting table in Skyhold.
This outfit is also the default worn in Skyhold. It has a couple of different colour options through the wardrobe.
If you want another colour option for Skyhold see the formal attire optional mod below.

The NONE TINTABLE version called Golden will never be affected by the materials it's made of.
Use this if you want original the black and gold look also seen in the formal wear.

I recommend also using the optional mod NO STARTER for fresh playthroughs. It hides the prologue armour.
Find it under Optional files at Elegant Victorian Outfit.

Orlesian Bard - Formal 2k/4k
Optional file
Replaces the formal attire for EF inquisitor with the Orlesian Bard Outfit. To get around any possible conflicts I've replaced the bride's dress with this custom outfit and then made the formal attire the bride's dress. Hope that makes sense. In conclusion both the brides dress and the formal attire is now this custom outfit. This version is the none-tintable Golden look. You can wear it either by crafting it as an armour or by switching to formal attire through the wardrobe in Skyhold. 

NOTE: This affects the bride's dress in Trespasser (also if NPC's are wearing it),
so if you want the vanilla bride experience I recommend uninstalling this mod for that scene.

NOTE 2: There's an issue with the cast shadow. I don't know how to fix this unfortunately.

Flute - Custom Staff 2k/4k
Optional file
Replaces the Archon Fire Staff. Can be purchased from the Black Emporium.

If you've already bought it with a previous character you can use the Golden Nug to send it to your bard.
It's a high level schematic and can be used at end game.

Orlesian Bard - Hatless versions for Armour and Formal 2k/4k
Misc file
After popular demand I've added a hatless option. The files are identical to the main files, but as the name says the hat is removed.
Use these files instead of the main files if you wish to use hair with your outfit.
Located under Miscellaneous files. 2k and 4k located in each rar file.

Modders Resource
Package containing all texture files and import instructions for those who want to make their own textures for my outfit.
Found under Misc Downloads. Feel free to upload you textures on Nexusmods, but credit me as the original creator. 



Install either 2k or 4k version, not both.
Armour and formal wear are compatible with each other.

Orlesian Bard Outfit - Armour
This file is by far the largest. It features edits of EF inquisitor's PJ's (both textures and 3d models) and a couple of other files from the inquisitor armour set.
Also edits the files part_app_armor for heavy, medium and light armours. Because of this this mod will not be compatible with any mod editing EF inquisitor's
PJ appearance. It will also not be compatible with any mod featuring "body swap" through part_app_armor editing. This includes not only EF inquisitor,
but inquisitor of all races, classes and genders, and all companions. This is because they edit the same file sadly.
Examples would be mods like Live Like Viv
General rule is if you're not gonna use this outfit don't have this mod installed.

Orlesian Bard - Formal
This mod edits EF bride's dress (both 3d model and textures) and formal attire appearance for inquisitor.
This means that you can still use other texture mods for the vanilla formal attire which companions
will be wearing in Halamshiral, they will not affect EF inquisitor. 
This mod is not compatible with any other mod that edits formal attire appearance for any class.
Example: Skyhold outfit and formal attire replacements

Flute - Custom Staff
Edits the Archon Fire Staff. Not compatible with other mods editing this staff.


Install using Frosty Mod Manager. Make sure you are using the latest version. It will not work with older versions.
DOWNLOAD at https://frostytoolsuite.com/

This mod is only possible with Frosty, no Daimod unfortunately.

In settings in game mesh quality need to be set to Ultra.

For use of both Daimods and Frosty mods together please see this guide by AnaisAndStuff:
Some DAI mods can also be installed directly with Frosty, but not all will work in my experience. Trial and error!


Designer Ulayana Sergeenko
Credit for the original design my outfit was inspired by.

JRO Tools
Credit for the some of the ornamental Zbrush brushes I used.


Purple Dream (reshade) by LadyJ420
Complexions for female inquisitor by ihuntalone
SOS Brows on Fleek by Naviruo
Shadowed Eyes for Frosty by Khylian
Morning Dew by myself
Autumn In Thedas by myself


If you like the mods I create
please consider supporting me through my Patreon!

Thank you for using my mods!