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Retextures eyes to stop them looking so red.

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I noticed that everyone looked stoned throughout the whole game world. All red eyed, like they all had a secret drinking or drugs problem but only Cullen would admit to it.
So I brightened up the whites and retextured the iris making them look more alert.

Version 2.0: Toned down eye whites and improved the look of the iris.

version 3.0: Enhanced the small red veins so they are more visible. Improved the iris to show more detail and added a hint of blue to eye whites and toned them slightly.

version 4.0: Fixed the bug which was preventing the game from continuing between the (The Dawn Will Come) song and finding Sky Hold. Improved upon the iris making the detail stand out more. Reduced the brightness of the eye to stop it looking like they glowed in strong light.

Install DAI Mod Manager v0.48 alpha or above.