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Extensive combat and character build overhaul inspired by the Dark Souls series and similar games. Currently in beta.
Now working in all DLCs!

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Now working in all DLCs!

For details of changes, known bugs and issues, the current state of the mod and plans for future updates, please refer to the readme.

This is an extensive combat overhaul inspired by the
Dark Souls series and similar games. Combat balance has been drastically changed to recreate the deliberate, hard-hitting pace of the Souls games, and levelling has been revamped to provide a classless experience with a huge amount of build variety.

This mod is designed for solo playthroughs; playing with other characters in your party will generally trivialise encounters. If you want to bring companions for banter/story, you can turn off their AI in their character record screen. In addition, party members who are not being controlled will become invisible to enemies and immune to damage, ensuring they do not interfere with combat.

This mod is currently in beta, as I don’t know when/if I’ll be able to do everything I want with it. Updates will come whenever I have the time.

Main features include:

  • No more health sponges: Enemy health is reduced dramatically, allowing you to take them out with only a few well-placed weapon hits.

  • Deliberate, impactful combat: Your attacks will generally be slower and more limited, attacks now costing stamina. Attacks will also stagger their targets if they deal enough damage, allowing enemies to be stunlocked. Combined with the lower enemy health, this makes combat higher risk and higher reward.

  • Classless build variety: All class restrictions on abilities, weapons and armour have been removed, allowing a huge variety of builds.

  • Overhauled stats and levelling: Your primary attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Magic, etc.) are now directly controlled through levelling and are much more important to your build - for example, the damage of most offensive spells will be determined by your Magic score, and the amount of armour you can equip will be determined by your Constitution.

  • Overhauled abilities and items: Abilities have been rebalanced for the new combat, some being drastically changed. There are also some entirely new abilities, such as a basic healing spell. Passive abilities on items and Fade-touched materials have also been completely overhauled, with entirely new effects.

  • Redesigned enemies: Some enemies have modified or entirely new abilities, increasing the variety of challenges you might face in combat.

  • Dodge roll: Everyone gets a dodge roll, by default!

Check out the videos tab for gameplay demos.

Installation and compatibility

Install the “Dark Souls Combat.fbmod” file using the latest version of Frosty Mod Manager. Install the “Dark Souls Combat text.daimod” file using either Frosty Mod Manager or the DAI Mod Manager.

The main mod will be incompatible with any other mod that edits abilities, difficulty, weapons or armour, including crafting schematics.

I don’t know how the mod will fare with cosmetic mods; if in doubt, you can check compatibility via Frosty Mod Manager.

The text file will be incompatible with any mod that edits the game’s text strings, but it should be fine with font mods. It is also currently only available in English.