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Dragon Age Keep Info

Hero: Weylyn Cousland, Alive and Well.

Romance: Morrigan
Recruited Dog
Persuaded the Revered Mother
Released Sten 
Returned Sten's Sword
Recruited Wynne (Alive and Well)
Warden had an old god baby with Morrigan
Warden executed Loghain 
Recruited Oghren 
Recruited Zevran (Alive and Well)
Alistair became king
Leliana alive and well
Defeated Flemeth for her Grimoire 

Fed the prisoner the guard's lunch
Cured the Mabari Hound. 

The Arl of Redcliff:
Helped Redcliff fight.
Helped Redcliff prepare.
Connor alive, not possessed. 
Belle left to start a brewery. 
Freed Bevin and payed for the sword.
Helped Owen's daughter escape
Isolde is alive and well.

Broken Circle:
Mages supported.
Old Man Irving survived.
Did NOT agree to Cullen's request.

The Urn of Sacred Ashes:
Urn not poisoned. 

Nature of the Beast:
Brokered peace. 
Brought Cammen and Gheyna together.
Saved the halla.
Told Athras about his wife's fate.
Brought Varathorn iron bark. 
Returned Deygan to the Dalish camp. 

Paragon of Her Kind:
Defeated Branca.
Bhelen rules Orzammar.
Said Ruck died.
Helped Burket create chantry.
Helped Zerlinda reconcile with her family. 
Helped Orta join the assembly. 
Dagna left to study.
Wasn't a dwarf so had no encounters with Marty.
Proved Legion of the Dead connected to noble house.
Returned tome to Shaperate. 
Completed Rogek's lyrium deal.

Ser Landry is alive!
Told Bann Sighard about Oswyn.
Completed Slim Couldry's crime wave.
Gave Alfstanna Irminric's ring.
Returned amulet to beggar. 
Helped Alistair find his good for nothing sister.
Brought scroll to Sister Justine
Helped clear customers out of the Pearl.
Handled with the Crimson Oars. 
Completed Master Ignacio's assassinations. 
Sent Marjolaine away. 

The Landsmeet:
Alistair Rules

The Battle of Denerim:
Warden slays the Archdemon

Awakening Expansion:
Architect killed.
Keep and Amaranthine protected.
Felsi and Oghren reuinited.
Nathaniel is alive and well.

Witch Hunt DLC:
Went through the Eluvian.

Warden Keep DLC:
Sofia killed and Avernus is doing ethical research. 
Obtained the power of the blood.

Stone Prisoner DLC:
No one is possessed and everyone is alive.
Shale is great and kills pigeons.

Hero: Garrett Hawk (Mage)

Romanced Isabella.
Bethany died.
Carver joined the Wardens.
Isabela recruited
Isabella returned to Hawke.
Varric and Hawke were bros.
Bartend not killed.
Helped Varric discovered haunted house.
Didn't let him keep that shard of crazy.
Fenris is alive and well.
Killed the Arishok. 
Merrill stayed with Hawke.
Merill is alive and well
Merill didn't destroy the Eluvian.
Merill's clan survived.
DIdn't approve of Ander's blowing everything up.
Anders is alive and well.
Recruited Sebastian.
Aveline stayed with Hawke.
Aveline married Donnic.
Didn't make Tallis angry.
Kissed Tallis. 

Joined the Smugglers

Act 1: 
Convinced templars to leave.
Returned Cargo to Martin.
Kelder killed.
Returned Saemus to the keep. 
Ginnis killed.
Killed Danzig.
Told the guy the truth about his murdered wife.
Solved the mystery of the missing miners.
Didn't blackmail my bro Sir Thrask.
Idunna alive and well. (in chains!)
Sent the elf boy to live with the Dalish.
Keran reinstated with the templars!
Defended the qunari mage from the other qunari. 
Karras alive and well.

Act 2:
Killed Gascard.
Didn't side with Varnell.
Didn't side with Petrice.
Discovered looters of Hubert's Caravan. 
Didn't encounter Yevhen. 
Javaris alive and well. 
Fought alongside the guard. 
Feynriel freed and went to live in Tevinter.
Killed the Arishok. 

Act 3:
Hawke offered to help Nuncio
Found Zevran.
Let the Zevman go.
Rescued Nathaniel.
Reunited the worst dad ever with his daughter, Charade.
Handed over conspirators to Orsino. 
Allowed Emile to go free. 
Let Kiren go.
Killed the high dragon.
Sided with the MAGES.

Legacy DLC:
Found Malcolm's will.
Sided with Larius.