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These mods replace some of the least popular tattoos in the DA:I CC with ones ported back in from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.
I've determined demand and popularity by tumblr vote in the past. This mod will NOT replace the entire original set of tattoos present in DA:I and I have no intent to do this in the future. Be aware that you can only pick (and install) one variation per texture at a time.

The face texture wrap is different in DA:I than it was in DA2/DA:O so it's not as straight-forward to bring them back. That also means that their position on the face, asmuch as I try and get close to the original, won't be spot on for DA:I.


The main files are daimods, you will need to merge them with the latest official patch before it will work with your game.
Install using the DA:I Mod Manager (v 0.47+): Nexus download and instructions


Images in the gallery will reflect which tattoos are replaced per texture set for each variation.


Has issues with the BE unfortunately, your game will either crash or get stuck loading (black screen). The issue is being investigated. If you've encountered the problem please read the following post about  the issue and how you can help =)

Installation of SP mods can create issues joining MP matches. You will want to move you modded Patch out of the "\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\Update\" folder while playing MP (or delete it entirely) if you run into issues joining MP matches i.e. mesh tearing, model displacement, black screens and crashing to desktop upon load.

Loading saves created with a modded game in on an un-modded game will return an error. As the official patch is one version digit lower than your modded patch, the game will assume the version the save was created with is incompatible with your vanilla game. You can sort this out this by either creating a fake patch folder, re-modding your game, or by opening up the "package.mft" (notepad) inside the "\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\Update\Patch" folder and incrementing the Version number by one.


Will not work in combination with other mods that replace the same textures.


I have more human/elf/dwarven variations in the works. Releasing these first few early by request.


The distributable patch would show issues where the custom tattoos would revert to the originals when loading into the Hinterlands through the conversation with scout Harding. The rebuilt daimod no longer shows this issue. You will need the latest Mod Manager to apply these daimods (v0.47+)


I have a modding blog where I share the occasional tutorial
A DA:I modding thread on the official DA:I Toolset forums
An ME3 modding thread on the BSN

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