Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Swap material textures. Copy the mod for another material.

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There is a small chance that you will invoke a crash/freeze with this mod. Please report all crashes and freezes in the comments tab or bugs because it's probably just an input error by me.

Copy the mod for more swapses!

This DOESN'T allow you to change material COLOUR and is incompatible with Tirnoney's awesome Opulent Tints mod which does.

Please leave feedback on swaps that work, swaps that DON'T work, things that look good, things that look bad, leave screenshots and feedback, let's see what you've made!

What do you think is good and/or bad?

Warning: Some materials just look like nothing has changed. /shrug. Also, multiple leathers and cloths share the same textures.

This possibly works with other DAIMODs that change textures such as this, but it's not been tested yet:
I just looked at one of those files and it looks good for this assertion. So you will be able to move THEIR NEW patterns around materials.

I'll probably change the name of this mod at some point.