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Frosty or daimod. Alternate music for the main menu theme. Limited options as I could only get a few songs to work. :(

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Main menu theme swap

For frosty or dai mod manager. This mod provides alternate music for the main menu and character creation screen. At the moment there is only a limited selection but I hope to add more as I recently learned a different method of adding the music! (15 October 2020 update.) So consider this a work in progress!

The main to credits swap starts with the tavern song "rise", then moves onto the "journey to skyhold" music, then moves onto some of the romance music - I'm not totally sure of whether or not it's the "Thedas love theme" but it's definitely some of the romance music, and then finally moves onto the "elder one theme." It will replay after it finishes it's first run of all the songs.

I was naming these by ear so I may not be correct about all the songs because the music files aren't all named in obvious ways but those are my best guesses.

The Val Royeuax swap is just for frosty right now but I will try to convert it to daimod if I can, later. It will play something akin to this.

The main to creepy fade sounds swap is just exactly what it sounds like it is. I'm unsure why you would want it but supplied it anyways as it's one of the only "music" swaps I could get to work. D:

Use the ambient sounds removal mod to mute the howling wind and other ambient sounds in the background of the main menu so you can hear the music better. 

Padme4000 for testing, and teaching me a better method to swap the music so I can add different songs now <3