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You've seen many images of my Elven female character I posted on Dragon Age Inquisition Nexus. Now I'm releasing the sliders if you want this cute looking red-headed female Elf to play as in your Dragon Age Inquisition experience. Again I didn't want to feel like I was copying/pasting another author's work. So this is what I came up with.

Permissions and credits
Gabriella the Huntress Female Elf Sliders for DAI by DarkKnightGamer0912

This is a mod containing the slider schematics for my Elven female character I created in Dragon Age Inquisition.  I designed my character to be a rogue/archer type of character.  I wanted to come up with my own creation rather than copying/pasting the work from another mod author.  I came up with somewhat a cute looking Elven female with red hair and long hair.  I designed this specific character to look more on the cute side rather than going for a hot and bold looking female Elven character.

Note: There are some mods you need in order to get the exact look of this character, but you're willing to try any colors and hairstyles as you wish.  I also used a body mod on this character.  So you're going to need that also in order to enjoy the full potential of the looks of this Elven female character.  You can try this without the extra mod requirements, but be warned.  You won't get the same results unless you install the mod requirements for this character.

Instructions: Just download and extract this file onto your desktop.  The file also comes with 7 image samples of what your character will look like in cut scenes, in the inventory screen, and in the game itself.  The very first image in the schematics shows you the preset to start with when you customize your character.  Don't forget to install the mod requirements before you start creating your character.
  The mods you need are listed in the Mod Requirements section of this DAI sliders mod.

Warning: It is strongly recommended you look at the mod requirements for these sliders and download the requirements if you want your EF character to look the same as my own creation.  If you don't use these mods, your character won't look the same as mine.  ....Or you can try your own different mod combinations to your liking.  Other than this my EF character is dependent and built on different mods from the Nexus listed in the mod requirements.

Mods and Mod Author Credits:

Custom Body Models by Aravasia

Eyebrows 4 Women and Katherine Face Texture by mrjack900

Hair Retexture by frontofnothing

Illias Long Hair for All by korikoc

Improved Lashes by xstephyg

Vivid Eyes by wendera