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This work in progress mod aims to overhaul all conversations in the game.

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Kingslayvr presents

Conversation Wheel Overhaul
(BETA) is a work in progress mod that aims to overhaul all conversations in the game. For now, I have uploaded a work in progress version of this mod to see what opinion is and where to go. The aim of this mod is to provide:

  • A more nuanced approval system from companions – companions will now approve more and disapprove more at your actions depending on their views of the world.
  • Unlocks different limited dialogue options and adds unused dialogue options.
  • Renamed dialogue options to reflect what the inquisitor is actually saying.
  • More mood tones similar to Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age 2.
  • I have also included my Sit in Judgement unlocked mod which is to be part of this mod in the future.

For now, I have only redone the prologue and some Haven conversations with companions.

your opinion

As this is a very early version, I would really appreciate your opinion on the direction of this mod.
To do this I made a google form collect your opinion. I hope you are able to fill this out :)

Google Poll

important information

  • This is a work in progress mod, therefore please expect some glitches and issues. If you notice any, please let me know in the comments.
  • I would also recommend a new playthrough to try this mod.
  • This mod has only been made for the prologue and some Haven conversations.
  • This is a Frosty mod exclusive for now, I have not tested it in DAIMod but if there are enough requests for it in the future I can look into it.

Hope you enjoy my mod!