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Changes the trousers on Inquisitor armour from green to a leather colour. Black variant also available.

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Per a few user requests, this changes the trousers of the variant 1 and 3 leg armour types used for Inquisitor armour from a greenish colour to a more leather-like brown. This change covers all races/sexes. It doesn't change variant 2 (the Skyhold pajamas), so will not affect any armour with legs based on that (mage armour). Now with additional black variant.

Download the Inquisition Mod Manager here - http://www.nexusmods.com/dragonageinquisition/mods/116/ - and follow the instructions.

Now provided in the DAIMOD format for more recent patches.

Thanks to Ehamloptiran, WarrantyVoider, wogoodes, and Renmiri of the DAI Tools team for their (ongoing) work deciphering the game files and creating tools that make mods like this possible.