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Short hair with bangs swept to one side for HM, HF, EM, EF, and DM. (DF coming soon)

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Short Side Swept Hair
by dankou


I wanted a mod that was reminiscent of Carver's in DA2 - short and swept to the side.
Mesh settings need to be set to ultra for it to show up in-game.
This mod replaces the DB hair mesh (short hair, middle part):

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Race and Gender Availability

It's currently available for HM, HF, EM, EF and DM. I hope to update soon with the mod working
for DF. When I update with the DF file, I hope to also update a few of the other files with adjustments
so the hair fits the mesh a little better. 

I'm new to modding and this is my first mod so this is a learning process for me!

DLC Compatibility

The mod will not show up in the Black Emporium but as soon as you leave the area it will show up.
It should be compatible with the Trespasser DLC. I have only tested this with HM and it worked, though I
am uncertain about the other races and genders - but as far as I know, it should work.


Extract and drag the .daimod file(s) you want into your mods folder and then install through ModManager.