Dragon Age: Inquisition
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A requested mod that replaces the ponytail with a thicker, slightly longer version. Human females only.

Permissions and credits
A requested mod that replaces the vanilla ponytail with a thicker and slightly longer version, loosely based on Tallis' hairstyle from DA2. Human females only. Hope you'll like it!


  • Patch 8 or higher
  • Ultra mesh settings
  • DAI Mod Manager (I have no idea if you can use Frosty to install it ) (edit: yes you can, thanks Aileani!)


Drop the .daimod file into your mods directory, and install with the DAI Mod Manager. More detailed instructions can be found here.

Compatibility notes and known issues

  • Obviously not compatible with mods that replace the HF version of the ponytail.
  • From what I've read, hair mods that replace the HF ponytail don't work correctly in Trespasser. I don't know about the other DLCs, though.
  • This particular hairstyle has a LOT of normals that get flipped once imported back into the Mod Maker, resulting in the dreaded black/weirdly shaded faces. This is a well-known problem for which there's no known fix, so I did my best to hide them.
  • Speaking of normals, the shading looks a little bit funky in some areas (I initially thought it was my fault, but the vanilla mesh also seems to have the same problem). I've tried many (many) things to fix that, to no avail. I'll upload an updated version if I ever find a way to fix it.
  • The modded mesh won't show in the Black Emporium, so if you want to change your Inquisitor's hair there, simply select the vanilla ponytail. You'll be able to see the modded hair once you're back in Skyhold/Haven (provided your meshes are set to Ultra). If you had previously edited any tints (hair, make-up, etc.) with the CLI Save Editor, you may have to edit them again once you've changed your PC's hairstyle (opening the BE character creator seems to make edited tints revert to their original state). Also, if your Inquisitor uses a modded complexion, don't forget to disable it before entering the Black Emporium!

Credits, tools used and thanks

Made with Blender, MeshLab, Notepad++ (yep), and the DAI Mod Maker. 

Other mods shown on my crappy screenshots

  • Hair Retexture by fontofnothing. That's the texture I always import into Blender when I edit hair meshes, so my mod probably looks best when paired with this retexture.
  • Black Hair for Everyone by Nightscrawl
  • Matching Inquisition Uniforms by Nightscrawl
  • Custom complexion made using Ellise's work as a base for the diffuse (please ignore the raccoon eye make-up)
  • Personal leather retexture
  • An unfinished PJ retexture based on ELE08's mod